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Alec Rahman-Jones

                    I joined Selby Jennings in 2011 and focussed on recruiting within the Market Risk space. After a successful first year in London I was selected as one of the 7 �originals' that initially came to the US to set up the first office which was not much bigger then a broom closet! My role in the US was to start and develop the Risk Management team under the Selby Jennings brand in North America. Within 18 months, the NY Risk team became the top performing team globally. Following this performance, I was given the opportunity to pass the Risk Team on to the consultants that I had hired and trained and set up a new brand in the USA. 

I launched EPM Scientific in the US in January 2015. I had to learn an entirely new market and once again build a team from scratch. This time round I found myself with no candidates or clients either. Two and a half years on, EPM Scientific is now a key brand in the US with offices in multiple locations. 

As of November 2016, I also took on responsibility of DSJ Global in New York. Although, leading two brands comes with a lot of responsibility, it is hugely satisfying spearheading their on-going growth and development. I am excited to continue working with individual's within EPM Scientific and DSJ Global in order to help them progress in to market specialists and managerial roles.