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Ben Hodzic

                    After graduating from West Virginia University with a BSc in Finance with First Class Honours, I joined Phaidon International in 2014. I was brought on board to develop and expand the Quant team into Research & Trading encompassing automated trading, stat-arb, systematic investments, and systematic portfolio management. 

Coming into a team of three consultants, I have since grown the team to ten consultants across quantitative analytics, high frequency trading, quantitative research, and automated market making .

I am an extremely self-motivated professional and a dedicated recruiter. My approach since joining Selby Jennings has been to motivate and inspire everyone around me, while capturing as much market share as I can across the financial services industry. As a result, my team collectively has outstanding relationships across the industry with leading hedge funds, investments banks, and asset management firms whom all come back to our team with consistent repeat business.

My areas of expertise inlcude:
  • Executive Search
  • Relationship Building
  • Financial Institutions - structures and organizations
  • Specialist in Quantitative Analytics, Quantitative Research, Systematic Trading, High Frequency Trading, Automated Market Making, Low-level computing, High Performance Computing, Machine Learning, Valuations, Trading Operations, Infrastructure Engineering