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Allison Idarraga Named a Finalist for the Women in Sales Awards 2019

Date: 26 June 2019

We are thrilled to shares that Senior Vice President, Allison Idarraga, was a finalist in this year’s Women in Sales Awards for the category “Best Woman Key Account Manager”. This award recognizes excellence in sales management and team development. Finalists in this category had to show how they plan their strategies to manage the relationship with their key accounts, including their use of technology to retain clients. They also had to demonstrate how their performance has helped their company to new heights and helped to grow new clients.

As a leading key account manager for several Selby Jennings clients, Idarraga not only demonstrates these strong sales and leadership qualities, but also serves as a role model and mentor for other women in the business. Reflecting on her experience applying for and being chosen as a finalist for the Best Woman Key Account Manager award, Idarraga said the following.

“It feels amazing to have been included as a finalist among some of the most exceptional women in sales across multiple industries. I am also incredibly honored to represent my company in this category as many of the nominee’s come from much larger companies by comparison. This nomination not only solidifies the success I have had in my career, but also the success Selby Jennings has had. It goes without saying that, especially in my role as Account Manager, the success I have had would not have been possible without the support of my colleagues and I am incredibly grateful for all of them.

When I was originally nominated for the award, the first thing I did was tell my parents. They basically blasted off the news to my entire family overseas! I am a second generation American and was one of the first few people in my family to graduate College, and the first to do so in the United States. That said, I had to figure out my own my way through school and the working world, as many others in my situation have had to do.

Selby Jennings team at awards dinner

It is a great achievement to say that regardless of the obstacles I have faced as a Hispanic, woman, in a sales company where there are few; I have been able included as a finalist for an award like this. If there is one thing that I have learned from this entire process, is that if I can help people by sharing my story, I should tell it more often. There are millions of women just like me that might be doubting themselves, and if I can change their perspective in anyway and gear them toward success – then I feel like I have made it.

I look forward to helping our HR team with creating a Women’s Support Group and Mentorship Program that can ultimately assist in retaining and advancing female talent within my organization. I want there to be more females in our management meetings, and I think we could do more when it comes to supporting each other and sharing our stories. I truly believe in personal wellness as well and would love to incorporate my passion for this with raising money for different causes in support of the female population. I want to do my best to help empower and influence young females both internally and externally.

I plan to advocate for this award in future years, and encourage my company to nominate more females leaders. Working with organizations like Women in Sales can truly create role models who will drive positive change. I will also ensure I spread the word with my clients and general network, who can also benefit from submitting nominees for this award. After all, in the competitive world of Sales it is important to not only recognize those that have done an exceptional job, but that can also inspire others and become true advocates for female leadership. Thank you WISA for all that you do and for making us feel like champions!"

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