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Enhancing Your Career Prospects by Understanding the Hiring Process

Date: 03 June 2015

There’s a great deal more to pursuing career success than simply finding the right opportunities in the first place. By understanding the intricacies of the hiring process you can stack the odds in your favour, whether you are seeking a new role, or trying to decide whether to accept a better offer from your current employer.

Naturally, the more you apply for new roles and attend interviews, the more useful experience you will gain. However, to help you hit the ground running, here are our top four tips for those looking for a hand up the career ladder.

1. Do Your Homework

Good preparation starts with understanding the recruitment process, which can include multiple interviews and may even require you to deliver a presentation. Once you know the hurdles that lie ahead you will be better prepared to deal with them.

Research the company and the role; look for anything that will enable you to tailor your CV, highlighting the most relevant experience and skills along with evidence that you’ll be a good ‘fit’ culturally. Employers receive a high volume of applications and don’t always have the time to read between the lines so tailoring your application could mean the difference between getting an interview or not.

2. Get The Photo Right

Adding a photo to your CV is a fairly recent development and one that splits opinions. If you wish to add a photograph, it is unlikely to harm your chances of being invited for an interview as long as the photo shows you in a professional light.

However, we place candidates in 59 countries around the world and are aware that attitudes to photographs on a CV vary from country to country; so if you are in any doubt, it is safer to avoid adding a photo.

It is also worth noting that candidates who are exceptionally good-looking need to be particularly cautious. Recent research indicates that while handsome men who attach a photo to their CV are more likely to be invited for interview than average looking men, women considered beautiful are significantly less likely to be invited for interview than averagely attractive women.

3. Practise Your Interview Technique on Camera

Even if you’re confident in your ability to 'think on your feet' and deal with awkward questions, this doesn’t always translate to the high-pressure environment of a job interview. So try to think of some of the difficult questions you could be asked and answer these questions while filming your responses.

Not only will it be good practise, you will also be able to assess whether your answers sound convincing and gain an idea of how your posture and body language appears to the interviewer.

4. Be Prepared For a Counter-Offer From Your Employer

One of the most important things to understand about the recruitment process is that it is expensive, time-consuming and difficult to get right for employers. Once you have accepted an offer and are ready to have the conversation with your current employer, be prepared for a counter-offer.

Naturally it is flattering to be asked to stay, particularly if a simple wish to improve your current situation was a key motivation. However, we generally advise that you exercise caution when accepting counter-offers, as research indicates that as many as 80% of people who accept a counter-offer will still leave, or be terminated, within 12 months.


Making the right career move isn't always easy. If you are considering your next role, Phaidon International has the experience you need to select the right organisation and manage the application and interview process effectively. 

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