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European Gas Summit 2011

Date: 31 January 2011

Confront Challenges and Maximise Opportunities in the New Gas Market Landscape.

February 15th-16th 2011, London

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The European Gas Market Summit 2011: A must-attend event for every business that is determined to thrive – whatever the future holds…

When it comes to strategic planning in Europe’s natural gas industry, you can be forgiven for thinking that what you really need to plan your company’s future is a crystal ball. With so many uncertainties – including the impact of tough new legislation on market share… uncertainties over future demand and supply… the current global gas glut… and the potential game-changer that is shale – it’s really tough to make sense of the ever-changing landscape, and assess its likely impact on your business.

Happily, there is a beacon of light: The European Gas Market Summit 2011 is your road map to fully understanding what’s happening – and about to happen – in our industry. Our team of experts will navigate you through the key areas of change, and deliver authoritative assessments, predictions and knowledge that you can immediately use to advance the interests and future success of your own organisation.

Download the full conference brochure and see how you will drill down into business-critical topics including: - Demand forecasts to 2020 – Sourcing supply – Pricing and contracts – The achievement of a single European market – Infrastructure – Incentives and Investment.