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Small World Phenomenon & Recruiting: An Innovative Approach

Date: 10 December 2014

The phrase "it's a small world" is one that we hear and say quite often. We've all had that moment when the seemingly "random" person you just met is suddenly not sorandom. This social phenomenon, also known as "The Six Degrees of Separation", argues that any two people in the world can be associated through the connection of no more than six people. Small World Phenomenon also has hard-science applications, including neural networks, electrical power grids, random graph theory, infectious diseases, and computer sciences.

Today, the Small World Phenomenon is greatly attributed to the explosive growth of social media, revolutionizing the way we interact with people, particularly those that are outside of our daily/immediate network. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter,Instagram, and LinkedIn have made it possible to connect with these people in an effortless and highly cost-effective way. We're even optimizing the rate of efficiency that which we get connected with our romantic partner(s), using applications likeTinder, OK Cupid, eHarmony, and Match.

Stanley Milgram was the first to turn this social theory into a science with a 1967 experiment conducted at Harvard University, which intended to measure the average path lengths (or "distance") within a population. The results, later supported by studies at MIT, Columbia, Cornell, and University of Paris, showed that most human networks are high in long-distance (>5 connections) and low in short-distance (<5) paths.

In a 1998 experiment conducted at Cornell University, Watts and Strogatz used Monte Carlo simulations of a two-dimensional lattice model to show that even ultra-low density networks (high in long paths) experienced a significantly reduced average path length when they introduced a very small number of nodes (persons) with a lot of connections.

The entire recruiting industry is built on the same basic principle of connecting one person (or a group of people) to another in the most efficient way possible. For companies seeking top talent and candidates seeking a new job, an experienced recruiter is that highly connected node.

Phaidon International's innovative approach to create 8 brands across 4 different industries and 30 job markets with over 200 micro-specialized verticals, hasredefined the standard of efficiency. With consultants so specialized and connected with their network, our clients are afforded unprecedented access to talent pools that have been unattainable through traditional means. Using a multi-strategy approach to deliver global solutions into local markets, Phaidon International is a proven industry leader, exponentially out-performing our competitors since inception.

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Author: Kevin Wong, Phaidon International, America
Source: LinkedIn



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