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Construction Claims Salary Trends 2019

In March 2019, LVI Associates conducted an in-depth survey to evaluate the salary and benefit package of professionals in the Construction Claims sector (especially Hong Kong, Singapore, United Arab Emirates and United Kingdom). All respondents are niche talent specialising in the Construction Claims area.

Industry Overview

The Construction Claims sector is a highly niche industry with a very small pool of talent.

The shortage of professionals/experts in the Construction Claims space could be due to the lack of industry-specific degrees that are available at universities, or even the limited publicity and exposure the market receives. Additionally, those who know the market know that these roles can be challenging, with substantial client demands, tight deadlines, and the possibility of being called to stand in court – these factors can make the sector less appealing for some.  

The Construction Claims industry is fast-paced and demanding, and with the constant increase in new construction globally, professionals who specialise in this space are in demand. Given the lack of talent in this area, the career opportunities and rewards on offer can be significant.

Salary Insights Report Summary

The report segments and evaluates job title against years of working experience, and job title against working locations. How does the UK compare to UAE for Associate Director salaries? How do Managing Consultant bonus packages compare between APAC countries? The report covers this information and more, including paternity leave, flexible working, medical cover and other benefits.  

Roles covered include:

  • Senior Consultant
  • Managing Consultant
  • Associate Director
  • Director/Project Director/Principal/Partner
  • Managing Partner

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