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Project Managers oversee specific projects within an organization and are responsible for a range of tasks across the lifecycle of a project including planning, budgeting, and documentation. Working closely with other teams as well as senior management, Project Managers ensure that a project is delivered on time and within budget and scope. 

Employment Outlook and Salary  
The average salary for Project Managers in the United States is $71,940 per year, with a range of $44,085 - $115,824. In the UK, Project Managers receive an average salary of £37,966 annually, with a range of £24,817 - £62,216. Salary depends on experience, industry knowledge, skills, and educational background.
Outsourcing, internationalization, and the boom in enterprise technology has turned project management into a lucrative career path and has accelerated the growth in demand for health care and technical project management jobs. 

Job Description
Project Managers are responsible for the management, planning, financial control and coordination of a project. They ensure that all team members are doing their job, that the project's objectives are met, and that the project is completed within budget and on time. Project Managers ensure that different interests and stakeholders involved in projects are satisfied, that the most efficient and effective resources are used, and that the desired outcome is achieved upon delivery of the project. 

Typical Responsibilities a Project Manager Include:

  • Coordinating third parties/vendors and internal resources for the execution of projects  
  • Developing project objectives and scopes, involving all related stakeholders and securing relevant technical feasibility
  • Making sure that all projects are delivered within budget, scope, and on-time 
  • Developing a detailed and comprehensive project plan to monitor and track progress
  • Ensuring the allocation of available resources for all tasks within the life of a project 
  • Measuring the performance of a project using appropriate tools, techniques and systems
  • Using suitable verification techniques to manage any changes in project costs, schedule and scope 
  • Escalating any issues and reporting to top management as needed
  • Managing relationships with all stakeholders, client, and vendors or third-party organizations 
  • Ensuring comprehensive project documentation
  • Carrying out regular risk assessment, ensuring project quality standards are met, and overseeing costing, accounting and billing

Key Skills & Qualifications
Project Managers are responsible and accountable for delivering desired project outcomes and it is their responsibility to make sure that the project team is on track and performing as per instructions. Regardless of the sector or project, Project Managers must follow a standard process, set realistic and achievable deadlines, keep track of work to be completed, and delegate tasks. 
Strong communication skills are essential as Project Managers are the key person responsible for resolving any problems, delays, or other issues within a project.

Other key skills include:

  • Excellent educational background in a related field such as health management, health administration, public health administration or business administration
  • Project administration capability and working experience in the health care sector
  • Solid technical background and relevant skills 
  • Excellent communication and facilitation skills including strong verbal, written, and client-facing competencies, as well as the ability to conduct meetings and give presentations 
  • Solid organizational skills, including multi-tasking skills and attention to detail
  • Excellent working knowledge of varied Project Management software applications as well as MS Office
  • PRINCE2 / PMP certification is a plus 
  • Strategic and analytical thinking 
  • Able to work with tight time restraints and meet deadlines