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Business Analyst
  • Job type: Contract
  • Location: Brussels
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Description We currently have an exciting opportunity for an Business Analyst to join a large Banking organisation on a long term contract ending December 2020! This is based in Brussels
Data Scientist
  • Job type: Permanent
  • Location: Paris, Île-de-France
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Description Data Scientist An in-memory computing platform is seeking an experienced Data Scientist based in Paris. The platform itself gives the ability to operationalise Machine Learning and brings AI and
(Senior) Software-Entwickler Java (m/w/d) als Hadoop Engineer
  • Job type: Permanent
  • Location: Hannover, Niedersachsen
  • Salary: €60000 - €100000 per annum
  • Description Big Data, Hadoop, Automobilbranche. Vom globalen bis zum lokalen Projekt. Alle aus der Automobilindustrie, alle aus dem Hadoop Ökosystem und mit sämtlichen Technologien, die auf dem Markt sind
Network Engineer
  • Job type: Contract
  • Location: Zürich
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Description Responsibilities Evangelize and support clients to successfully strategise, deploy and operate the digital infrastructure Support the sales team and clients to position
Account Executive
  • Job type: Permanent
  • Location: Chicago, Illinois
  • Salary: US$280000 - US$300000 per year
  • Description Looking for an ambitious self-starter to work as a member of the direct sales team, with the goal of growing sales and building the business. Ideally this professional will have a successful track
Oracle Database Administrator
  • Job type: Contract
  • Location: Brussels
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Description We currently have an exciting opportunity for an Oracle Database Administrator to join an Energy Company on a long term ending June 2020! This is based in Brussels
Head of Sales | GRC & Data Privacy
  • Job type: Permanent
  • Location: New York
  • Salary: US$350000 - US$400000 per year
  • Description Exciting start-up looking for a Head of Sales professional that will involve picking up a pipeline of existing opportunities and relationships and will be expected to develop account and sector
Senior IT-Projektmanager (m/w/d) Big Data Automotive
  • Job type: Permanent
  • Location: Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg
  • Salary: €70000 - €120000 per annum
  • Description Projektmanagement, Automobilbranche, Big Data. Vom globalen bis zum lokalen Projekt. Alle aus der Automobilindustrie, viele aus dem Hadoop Ökosystem und mit sämtlichen Technologien
SAP BPC Consultant
  • Job type: Contract
  • Location: Nanterre, Île-de-France
  • Salary: Competitive
  • Description My client is looking for an SAP BPC Embedded Consultant to start on a BW/4HANA Application Maintenance project that will last at least 12-months.

As hackers and cyber criminals become more sophisticated than ever before, cyber security is becoming one of the most crucial roles in the technology sector. IT security, or cyber security, is the technique or expertise used to protect networks and computers from vulnerability and criminal intrusion. In the tech sector, cyber security specialists are highly sought-after professionals, and governments and businesses employ these security specialists to protect their organizations from harm.
Security specialists are highly skilled professionals, working in a sector that requires considerable technical knowledge and expertise – their skill allows them to be one step ahead of the organized criminals and hackers behind the crime wave. This is a challenging and rewarding career which provides the opportunity to help combat crime and keep people, governments and businesses safe.

Job Specification, Salary, Outlook
Cyber security specialists are the professionals responsible for keeping cyber crime or cyber attacks at bay by using analysis, reverse engineering and forensics to diagnose and monitor vulnerability issues and malware events. They make recommendations for possible solutions, including software and hardware programs that mitigate the risk. Cyber security specialists typically monitor use of data files, design firewalls, protect IT infrastructure and networks, and regulate access to safeguarded data or information.          
Protecting networks and infrastructure from the threats of viruses and staying up-to-date on current virus reports is a key element of the cyber security specialist’s role. Specialists will regularly train users, develop policies and procedures, promote security awareness, and provide reports to top management. 

So how much do cyber security specialists earn? It depends on a number of factors, but the average salary for this role in the United States is $73,781 per annum, with a range of $45,272 - $115,493. Factors that affect the level of salary include job location, technical skills, on-the-job experience, and academic qualifications. In the UK, an average salary of £44,388 per year can be expected, with a range of £14,047 - £62,188. 

Job Description

Cyber security specialists generally work with organizations to keep their network and computer information systems safe and secure. They collect information and determine who requires access to which data and information, and then coordinate, plan and implement information security programs accordingly. Using a strong and multi-layered security approach, cyber security specialists apply their expertise to help protect against all kinds of web or cyber threats, including viruses, malware, phishing, information warfare, denial-of-service attacks and hacking.  

Typical Responsibilities:

  • Identifying the best way to secure the IT infrastructure and cyber security of an organization
  • Looking for risks and vulnerabilities in software and hardware 
  • Building firewalls and protection system into IT network infrastructures
  • Building in security systems during the development stages of networks, software systems and data centers 
  • Analysis and monitoring for intrusions and attacks 
  • Identifying attempted breaches and potential threats
  • Establishing and analyzing security requirements for systems and networks
  • Configuring tools such as anti-virus software, firewalls, patch management systems etc. 
  • Providing technical advice on security issues 
  • Defining control structures, access privileges and resources
  • Performing risk analyses, vulnerability testing and security assessments 
  • Monitoring and overseeing routine security administration
  • Developing and updating disaster recovery protocols 
  • Designing and conducting security audits to ensure continuing operational security
  • Training colleagues and teams on protocols, security awareness and procedures 
  • Researching and recommending regular security upgrades
  • Responding immediately to security incidents and submitting post-incident analysis
  • Identifying the potential perpetrators and liaising with law officials if required

Key Skills & Qualifications      
Both school leavers and university graduates can enter this profession. Obtaining a computer science related degree is beneficial for a career in cyber security. Many employers offer internship opportunities in cyber security, combing study with gaining hands-on experience at an organization.  

Typical employers of cyber security specialists:

  • Network providers
  • Banks
  • The government
  • Schools and universities
  • Airlines
  • Security consultancy firms

Required job skills:

  • Strong IT knowledge and skills including software, hardware and networks
  • Meticulous attention to detail 
  • A logical approach to identifying the strengths and weaknesses of IT security systems in place
  • A thorough and up-to-date understanding of how hackers and cyber criminals operate
  •  A keen interest in information technology and developments in the sector
  • Analytical skill and the ability to recognize trends in data
  • A well-organized and methodical approach to work 
  • The ability to work under considerable pressure and to meet deadlines
  • Excellent communication skills (both verbal and written) and the ability to interact effectively with all kinds of people
  • Understanding of various confidentiality issues, and the laws related to them

Job Trends  
Cyber security specialists have an increased potential for their career progression in financial service providers and large organizations. There is also scope for experienced cyber security professionals to go into business as consultants. Job opportunities for cyber security professionals can be found in both the private and public sectors. 
You may work as a network administrator, security administrator or system administrator before becoming a cyber security specialist. Once you become a security specialist, you can look for a senior-level position such as a security manager, security architect, IT project manager or security consultant.