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Life Sciences Conference Season: Diary of Events & Guide to Success

Date: 27 November 2015

As the pharmaceutical conference season begins, many professionals are looking to fill their calendars with visits to a number of these prestigious events. Conferences are a unique and informative setting for industry professionals to get up to speed with the most recent industry trends and innovations, as well as network with peers.

We’ve compiled a comprehensive list of upcoming Life Sciences conferences, followed by best-practice guidance on how to get the most from attending a conference.

Life sciences Conference Diary:


What: Pathology 2015

When: 1st-3rd (all day)

Where: London, UK

What: 26th Annual American Academy of Addiction Psychiatry Annual Meeting (AAAP)

When: 3rd-6th (all day)

Where: Huntington Beach, CA, USA


What: 57th American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting and Exposition (ASH)

When: 5th-8th (all day)

Where: Orlando, FL, USA


What: 4th Medical Device Access Leaders Forum

When: 8th-10th (all day)

Where: Berlin, GERMANY


What: American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB15)

When: 12th-16th (all day)

Where: San Diego, CA, USA


What: 11th Annual World Stem Cell Summit (WSCS15)

When: 10th-12th (all day)

Where: Atlanta, GA, USA



What: JP Morgan 34th Annual Healthcare Conference

When: 11th-14th (all day)

Where: San Francisco, CA, USA


What: 5th Annual Pharmaceutical Microbiology Conference

When: 20th-21st (all day)

Where: London, UK


What: Social Media in the Pharmaceutical Industry

When: 20th-21st (all day)

Where: London, UK


What: 5th SLAS International Conference & Exhibition

When: 23rd-27th (all day)

Where: San Diego, CA, USA



What: Pharma Market Research Conference (PMRC)

When: 3rd-4th (all day)

Where: Parsipanny, NJ, USA


What: 7th International Conference on Drug Discovery and Therapy (ICDDT)

When: 15th-18th (all day)

Where: Sharjah, UAE


What: Cell Culture World Congress

When: 22nd-23rd (all day)

Where: Munich, GERMANY


What: 3rd Africa Pharmaceutical Summit (APS)

When: 24th-25th (all day)

Where: Nairobi, Kenya, AFRICA

Make the most of conference season: strengthen your personal brand

A strong personal brand is vital for recognition in the ever-expanding Pharma industry. It can help elevate you to a figure of authority in your area of expertise and raise the profile of your business.

Conferences provide the perfect setting to help strengthen your personal brand. Here’s how you can use this conference season to help support your long-term career progression by building your personal network, making an impact with key industry professionals, getting active on social media and strengthening your credibility at work.

1. Build your personal network

Consider who you would like to meet before you arrive

Firstly, research the conference beforehand so you are aware of the topics being discussed, the speakers and other professionals in attendance. Look through the agenda and plan which seminars or sessions will be the most valuable use of your time – both in terms of your own role within a business and overall company strategies.

Prior to the conference, discuss with colleagues what information or outcomes would be most beneficial and plan attendance around achieving these goals. This may be learning more on a specific subject, listening to a specific presenter or networking with professionals from a specific industry or business – potentially even draw attention to your own research, business or area of expertise.

Utilise LinkedIn to connect and follow-up

Also take the time to connect with individuals on LinkedIn prior to the event. You may also like to download the LinkedIn app – this will enable you to stay connected with them in the days leading up to the conference and on the day itself, but also give you the opportunity to add new connections as the conference progresses.

Attend post-conference events if possible

It’s also important to attend post-conference events if they are available. After-parties and post-conference dinners are the perfect places to maximise networking opportunities in a more relaxed environment. Use this time wisely to make contact with people you might not have had chance to speak to during the day, or build relationships with earlier introductions. Ensure your business cards include multiple ways of contacting you, including your social media account information.

Follow up

Networking doesn’t start and end on the day of the conference; it should be seen as an on-going campaign. Building relationships takes constant investment, so be sure to follow up with colleagues and peers in the days following the conference to ensure the connection is still warm and your contribution is not forgotten.

But when following up with new contacts don’t be generic in your approach. Be sure to allude to specific topics discussed between you at the conference itself to trigger their memory.

2. Make an impact with key industry professionals

Ask intelligent questions before, during and after the event

Ask intelligent questions to get yourself noticed. Research specific topics on the agenda prior to arrival, so you can prepare detailed questions based on your area of expertise. This will help you stand out from the crowd, look insightful and raise your profile at the same time.

Also consider preparing a professional branding statement to use during the event and treat every introduction like an informal interview. Meeting notable presenters or industry professionals can often be a competition for attention, so make sure you maximise your time with them.

Prepare to speak on a topic

Submitting a paper or discussion idea prior to the conference is another way to get noticed. Alternatively, you could even put yourself forward as a speaker, giving you an opportunity to discuss your work or business in a way that will benefit and deliver value to other attendees. Even if a proposal is rejected for consideration, you may still receive valuable feedback from the experts, which could be of use in the future.

3. Get Social

Use social media to show your passion for the industry

Tweet, email and use Linkedin and Google+ to share questions or thoughts before, during and after the conference to garner attention online as well as in person. Frequent social media use is seen as an essential part of building your personal brand, but it is also an opportunity to share links to speakers’ businesses or work in the hope they may do the same for you. This, again, raises your profile and will enable you to network with other professionals who may have been unable to attend in person, but are following the event online.

Share key points from the event online

Also keep a note of key takeaways that are raised throughout the conference and share them over social media at a later date. Remember to include twitter handles and relevant hashtags when sharing content on Twitter so speakers and attendees can keep a track of who’s disseminating their content.

You could also think about writing an opinion piece – your own review of the conference perhaps – and share it as a status update on LinkedIn, tagging relevant professionals and inviting them to comment. If you can create meaningful social media interactions between yourself and authoritative figures in the industry, it will also help to heighten your personal brand.

4. Strengthen your credibility at work

Share what you have learnt with your team

Be sure to return to the office with a roundup of the most important points discussed and market trends that may affect the business. Provide colleagues who were unable to attend with information prevalent to them and prepare to provide an overall review of the conference.

Suggest actionable points to your manager

Finally, make sure that you pass on all actionable points you’ve garnered from the conference to your manager. This will strengthen your credibility at work and the business as a whole can benefit from your new-found insights.

For further information on upcoming pharmaceutical conferences and Life Sciences careers in 2016, contact EPM Scientific today.

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