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Proof in the proverbial pudding!

Date: 01 December 2009

Whilst the rest of the world seems to still be peering hard into the distance for concrete signs of economic improvement, Finance continues to power out of the turmoil of 2009. But the proof will very much be in the proverbial pudding, with many firms having made optimistic claims of bonus potential for this year. Whilst some institutions are clearly in a strong position to deliver on mid year promises, others appear to be struggling and will need to carefully manage expectations. This does not mean all doom and gloom, with strong basic salaries, equity schemes and incentives on offer to attract key people. A more resurgent buy side is also increasing the competition for top talent, so there may choices on offer if you are a top performer!

It is certainly true to say that the volume of activity from both sides of ‘the street’ is increasing relentlessly. Some 2010 headcounts are already starting to come through, with the most aggressive and forward thinking institutions looking to steal a march over their rivals and get interviews underway before the end of the year. Likely start dates may push on into next year, however we have already seen some security given to candidates able to commit straight away. We are also seeing some of the strategic plans for the post ‘annus horribilis’ period discretely take shape, meaning excellent long term opportunities for key people moving into our clients’ key growth areas.

So with optimism about the prospects for the future spreading further and further through the corridors of finance, prudent candidates would do well to take stock and ensure they feel comfortable and well placed to seize the opportunities growth brings with it. Career choices should always about far more than purely monetary reward, and with an increasing number of opportunities available, all factors must be evaluated to avoid making mistakes.

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