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Kareem Bakr

                    My name is Kareem Bakr and I am the Head of Risk Management for Selby Jennings in North America. 

After joining Selby Jennings in early 2013 as a trainee consultant specialized in credit risk, I have since taken on the task of leading the team across North America, and helped develop the risk management team into a cornerstone function across the Selby Jennings brand with over 20 consultants across the U.S. The team and I have flourished quite quickly, securing over 100 case-studies and referrals commending our strong reputation and capacity to deliver. I value my long-term relationships and overall satisfaction from both clients and candidates, and I strive to ensure that every process is carried out in an efficient and pleasurable fashion. As a key driver with in the financial services business, I work to maintain a positive culture and help continue to enable exceptional careers, across competitive markets.

The Risk Team's areas of focus include:
  • Credit Risk
  • Market Risk
  • Operational Risk
  • Insurance and Actuarial Services
  • Audit/ Compliance