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Project Finance Manager
  • Job type: Permanent
  • Location: Tokyo
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Description Project Finance Manager An influential global energy renewable company is seeking to hire a Project Finance Manager to lead projects based in the heart of Tokyo. You will play a key role in the
Head of Water Asset Management
  • Job type: Permanent
  • Location: China
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Description A global water management group is currently looking to hire a head of water asset management to lead their industrial water assets across Nanjing China.
Head of Water Asset Management
  • Job type: Permanent
  • Location: China
  • Salary: Negotiable
  • Description A global water management group is currently looking to hire a head of water asset management to lead their industrial water assets across Nanjing China.

Waste Management professionals plan, coordinate, and implement comprehensive systems designed for maximizing waste prevention, recycling, and reuse opportunities. 
The role includes establishing and defining the waste management objectives and goals of a company, working with staff to help implement policies of waste disposal, and evaluating the actual success of waste management plans following implementation. 
Waste Management professionals play a vital role in protecting the environment and minimizing the impact of waste disposal and handling processes and should have an interest in the environment and an awareness of current and future sustainability issues.

Waste Management Employment Outlook and Salary    
The average salary of waste disposal managers in the United States is currently around $52,878 per annum with an available salary range of between $29,361 - $87,432. In the United Kingdom, base salaries for roles in this sector are around £40,300 per year. In both instances, salaries vary based upon relevant qualifications and experience in the field.   
Careers in waste disposal management have become increasingly well-structured and graduates with both specific waste management backgrounds as well as relevant degrees in the fields of environmental science are entering the sector. 

Movement between private and public sector is very common within the industry and increasingly, changes in legislation are creating new roles in various sectors, making for excellent career progression prospects in this field. 

Job Description
The key functions of a Waste Management Professional are to ensure that a systematic waste management method is being adhered to by the organization at all times. This may include the identification and disposal of hazardous materials, conducting risk assessments on waste materials, and training others to ensure continued adherence to health and safety guidelines. 

The remit of Waste Management Professionals is varied and can range from managing and organization of waste disposal, recycling and collection facilities, through to having responsibility for overseeing major cleaning and waste treatment operations. 
Some roles within this field combine recycling functions and waste management, while others have clearly delineated functions. Generally speaking, however, a key responsibility is to dispose of waste appropriately and safely, conforming to government legislation and regulations with due consideration for the environment at all times. 
Waste Management Specialists coordinate across various local authorities and levels of government in functions ranging from recycling related matters through to refuse reduction and clearance. 
Job duties ultimately vary based upon specific organizations and specializations, however some of the typical responsibilities of a Waste Management Professional may include:

  • Overseeing the storage, collection, and disposal of hazardous waste 
  • Ensuring national, state/local and environmental standards are met and adhered to
  • Educating and informing staff on various waste management practices
  • Coordinating and planning complex waste recycling and management projects 
  • Applying an efficient waste hierarchy model and evaluating waste management options to reuse, reduce, recover, recycle, and dispose of waste material
  • Producing appropriate documentation required to track, move, label, and report on waste initiatives and waste management
  • Providing environmentally friendly materials and economical processes, as well as measuring the life cycle of consumable products within an organization
  • Assisting in budget preparation, including specific procedures, financial methods, and related costs pertaining to waste management services and environmental compliance
  • Ensuring a relevant level of industry specific knowledge and key developments
  • Provision of training to staff and clients

Key Skills & Qualifications
There are multiple avenues into this industry, however a degree in civil engineering, environmental sciences, geography, biological sciences, physical or chemical sciences are common entry points. 
A sound knowledge of relevant environmental legislation is beneficial for potential candidates and appropriate experience in environmental or recycling projects is also favorable. 
Key skills and competencies of Waste Management Specialists often include:

  • An understanding and interest in sustainability and environmental issues
  • Ability to grasp and apply dynamic and complex legislation and regulations
  • Good administrative and organizational skills
  • Effective communication skills, both written and verbal
  • Problem-solving, analytical and decision-making skills
  • Ability to prioritize, organize and meet specific deadlines
  • Management and leadership qualities