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Success Stories

Alex Small, Executive Director APAC, Hong Kong

I joined Phaidon in September 2010 as an original member of Laking Group which, at the time was our oil and gas business and had no book of business - which was a little daunting or very exciting dependent on what type of character you are! However with great training, mentorship and hard work we quickly began signing terms with hundreds of clients, building a database of thousands of candidates, expanding the team across the world and positively impacting our clients and candidates.

As with most sales roles, my journey has had ups and downs. This is a hard job, however, keeping your eye on the prize and that hefty paycheck at the end of the month makes it worthwhile and helps you to see the bigger picture. Through hard work, guidance and a positive attitude I hit my first promotion in 10 months, which was a record for a new division. I now head up a team of 10 specialist recruiters and am excited to watch my team achieve the same successes that I have, alongside more great paychecks, lunch clubs, company paid vacations and other great incentives!

My favorite thing about the company is the people we are surrounded by alongside the amount of responsibility that I have been given. The culture is that of a close-knit family. Friendly competition is promoted making each person continually strive to improve and be the best they can be and the culture gives a new meaning to “work hard, play hard”. The future at Phaidon is bright!


Paul Norman, Director, Berlin

After graduating from the University of Loughborough with a BEng in Manufacturing Engineering and Management with First Class Honours, I joined Phaidon International in 2012. I was brought on board to develop an entirely new area in Operational Excellence and since then has taken on new responsibilities year-on-year in Supply Chain, Strategy, Manufacturing and Engineering.

In 2014 I became the first managing principle at DSJ Global, with a key focus in building the Operations business to its present form today. I immersed myself into the Operations area across multiple industries and is an expert in the market landscape. My approach has been to build a very strong network and ensure I am adding value to both our clients and candidates.

The reason why I love Phaidon is how ambitious and motivated everyone is. I have a great platform to succeed and progress quickly at a young age, far above any of my peers. 


Kareem Bakr, Director at Selby Jennings, New York

I started my career with Selby Jennings in October 2013. I chose to join the company after realizing that slowly climbing the corporate ladder, without the potential for unlimited earnings, was not for me. Following a successful first 15 months with the company, I was promoted to ‘Principal Consultant’ where I began to build out my own specialist recruiting team. I was amazed at the amount of responsibility I had been given. The chance to manage your own business and budget and in turn see how your work impacts the company as a whole is an opportunity that many recent graduates aren’t given.

I continued to work hard and invest in every employee that I hired and have now been promoted a total of 6 times in 3 years to ‘Vice President’, where I now lead a team of 14 recruiters. Obviously the incentives are incredible. I’ve been on trips to Vegas, Miami, Vermont, multiple Lunch Clubs to top restaurants, many awesome team nights out, and have seen myself and multiple team members earn in excess of six-figures early on in our careers.

However, for me it’s more about the people that I’ve met in this role and the lives that I have helped impact on a daily basis. Phaidon employees are very helpful and inspiring and there is a true family knit culture offering a solid support system.