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A career in recruitment

What you study at university doesn’t have to dictate what you do with the rest of your life. We didn’t always know what we wanted to do, either.

Anyone who joins us has the chance to make a real difference to our company and customers. We believe that servicing our clients and candidates is not about meeting expectations.

It’s about exceeding them.

Whether you’ve just graduated or spent the last few years uncertain of your next step, Phaidon International could be the answer for you. 

Rebecca's Story

“I had worked in sales at university, but never had the opportunity to be rewarded for how hard I worked. I had always wanted to work in a people based job, where I could interact with different people on a daily basis.

When I came across Phaidon International they offered the chance to control my progression and potential.

From the first interview, I was presented with the opportunity to create my own career path; to be rewarded, to progress and chance to lead my own sales team. All of which I have been able to achieve in just two years.” 

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Training & Development

Our talent strategy places internal talent development as the cornerstone of our business strategy and employment value proposition.

With huge growth, our organically grown organisation needs employees to continuously step up and be ready for their next role. From on-boarding, the job description and competencies for every role are accessible to all employees to allow them to plan their personal development.

Using our competency and development frameworks, managers and their employees can define their own development needs, provide bespoke and structured training, and ensure that each and every consultant is being trained for their next career move.

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Graduate Careers

Since the beginning, we believed that graduates were the future of our organisation.

We understand that sometimes what you studied doesn’t have to be the path you follow.

Everyone who joins Phaidon International has the opportunity to make a difference to our company from their very first day.

Not everyone’s definition of success is the same, but we can help you define what success looks like to you. Alongside like-minded individuals, you can forge your path and the future of the business. We consistently invest in your ability to ensure you have the tools needed to achieve your career goals.

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