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The Phaidon numbers

  • 10 offices
  • 60+ countries
  • 550+ employees
  • 60awards (and counting...)

A global business

Phaidon International is an award winning staffing group with offices in San Francisco, New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, London, Zurich, Singapore and Hong Kong.

We help organisations identify, attract and secure the best talent for their requirements across Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM).

Through the Phaidon structure, we enable our niche businesses to maintain niche, but still benefit from scale with the large financial investment we have made into our varied operational functions and global coverage over recent years.

This means unlike a majority of other niche businesses we have the ability to scale and deliver on a global footprint.

We have shown we have the ability to replicate our business in different industries, geographies and types of recruitment. We currently operate in over 60 countries with more growth to come.

Our impressive presence in the USA, Europe and Asia Pacific makes us an exciting business to be a part of.

Training & Development

Learning and Development is huge at Phaidon International. The development of our employees is a cornerstone of our business; whichever team they’re in or stage they’re at in their careers. We are seriously committed to making our team brilliant at their jobs, and we do our best to ensure they have the right skills and knowledge at the right time to succeed.

Recruitment is not an exact science. Every successful recruiter has their own individual style, and as such our training programmes are designed to introduce different approaches. We help to uncover our employees individual talents and styles, which suit their clients & candidates and the markets they operate in. Together, we ensure our employees are supported and receive the best possible development at the start of and throughout their careers at Phaidon.

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About Harry Youtan

Harry was appointed to the Board in 2012, having been with Phaidon since 2007, when he initially joined Selby Jennings.

In November 2016, he was appointed Phaidon International’s Chief Executive Officer.

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Success stories

I joined Phaidon in September 2010 as an original member of Laking Group which, at the time was our oil and gas business and had no book of business - which was a little daunting or very exciting dependent on what type of character you are! However with great training, mentorship and hard work we quickly began signing terms with hundreds of clients, building a database of thousands of candidates, expanding the team across the world...

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Success Stories

After graduating from the University of Loughborough with a BEng in Manufacturing Engineering and Management with First Class Honours, I joined Phaidon International in 2012. I was brought on board to develop an entirely new area in Operational Excellence...

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Growth for all

Phaidon International fits into a niche space alongside a handful of recruitment firms that have achieved growth to the hundreds and that have the global platform to scale to the thousands, a somewhat unique position.

We're 100% debt free and have a track record of making profit every year since inception. There are few companies out there that have achieved and delivered the profitable growth that we have and then given opportunities internally to the very people that created them through our organic structure.

Due to our size and growth plans we have no restrictions on career progression, it's relatively easy to move up to very high levels of seniority (with hard work!).

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