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The Key to Successful Career Progression

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Andrew Zee, NTU esteemed alumni, talks about a career as an expert talent partner. Discover how being part of a professional services talent partner can help you achieve your own career goals with Andrew Zee, Phaidon International Director and Head of Selby Jennings Singapore.

Can you share your experience and insights on the unique advantages of starting a career in talent searching as a recent graduate? What makes it an attractive option for individuals entering the professional field?

"As a recent graduate, it's uncommon for someone to envision themselves as a talent consultant. However, I had the opportunity to speak with Phaidon International after being referred by a senior from NTU. Two aspects particularly stood out to me: the client/candidate interaction involved in the role and the chance to establish a personal brand within the specific area of recruitment."

As a former NTU graduate, what specific skills or qualities do you think sets someone up best for a career as a talent partner? Are there any traits or experiences that give you a competitive edge?

"Being a consultant is a fast paced and challenging role, and requires individuals to be organized, possess excellent communication skills, and being adaptable in diverse situations.

During my university years, the most memorable experiences were the internship and exchange semesters. I had the opportunity to participate in two exchange programs, one in the USA and another in Taiwan. Additionally, I completed an internship with KPMG's People, Performance, and Culture team. These experiences not only exposed me to individuals from different cultures but also provided valuable work experience collaborating with various stakeholders. As a result, I found myself naturally drawn to a role that I believe would bring me enjoyment."

What opportunities for growth and professional development does the talent search industry offer to graduates? How can they expect to progress in their careers over time, and what support or resources are typically provided by Phaidon International to achieve their goals?

Every consultant starts off as a talent partnering a particular industry. However, Phaidon International takes it a step further by breaking down that industry into niche verticals, focusing on the brands we specialize in. It's important for consultants to establish their own personal brand within their chosen vertical. As they progress, they can then decide whether they want to become a specialist or pursue a managerial role.

The world of talent search is constantly evolving, with new verticals and areas of specialization emerging. For example, fields like Blockchain, AI, and ESG have experienced significant growth in recent years. Consultants can view these developments as opportunities to expand our talent search and provide support to these markets.

At Phaidon International, we have customized programs led by our Learning and Development Manager, specifically designed to enhance sales skills. For those with aspirations of becoming managers, we offer certifications and training programs to equip and prepare them for a successful transition into a management role.

Finally, why did you pick Phaidon International Singapore?

​I appreciated the fact that we received comprehensive training right from the beginning to become a 360-talent partner. Although it was a challenging learning experience, the rewards were worth it.

Both my manager and the person who referred me to the company were doing well and genuinely enjoyed their role. It's common for people to often start discussing their job with negative aspects, but when I spoke with individuals at Phaidon International, I noticed that they had a clear goal and a determined mindset to succeed in building the business. I could feel the energy right from the get-go.