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Welcome to Phaidon International

We can't wait to have you join us

We have all been the newbie at some time or another, which is why having support and help is great in making you feel at home straight away. Before you start, you can familiarise yourself with some of our key people within the business, and get to know our talent brands.

Meet Harry Youtan

Meet Harry Youtan

Watch this warm welcome video from Harry Youtan, our Global CEO. Discover what Harry’s expectations are of you as a new starter, as well as how he describes our culture and vision as a business.
Meet Ulrica Hartogh

Meet Ulrica Hartogh

Hear from our Global HR Director Ulrica Hartogh on how Phaidon International listens and strives to improve how we support you. Here you can also learn more about our global mobility program.
Meet Alex Small

Meet Alex Small

Get to know Alex, MD of Europe before you join. Alex will tell you all about his vision of our organic culture, his plans to scale the business and open up offices, and how you can be successful.

Our Values

Our values underpin everything we do, and this mindset enables us to help businesses and professionals address their own talent challenges and opportunities.

Unwavering Dependability

Be there for each other, and those around you no matter what.

Infectious Energy

Positively affect others around you to inspire and support.

Always Aspire For More

Ambition and determination will always set us apart.

You Matter

Irrespective of who you are, where you are, your experience, or your belief system.

Ultimately, we are collaborative, hardworking, meritocratic, and actually very purposeful.

Harry Youtan, CEO