Helping Youth from Underserved Communities
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Helping Youth from Underseved Communities

Phaidon International Singapore is partnering with Halogen Foundation to launch Phaidon Outreach Program (POP) in FY21 as part of the CSR Initiatives Program. This partnership aims to create an opportunity for students to be partnered with our personnel and to learn more about the recruitment industry. Phaidon International team will engage them on a path to find their passion and to participate in the program to the best of their abilities.

About Phaidon Outreach Program

Phaidon Outreach program is under Halogen Foundation's current Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE) funded program. This program is designed to activate the entrepreneurial mindset and build business skills in youth from underserved communities. NFTE’s innovative, hands-on curriculum allows young people to learn entrepreneurial skills and attitudes through activities such as opportunity recognition and market research. 

About Halogen Foundation Singapore

Founded in 2003, Halogen Foundation (Singapore) is an Institution of a Public Character (IPC) charity focusing on building young leaders and entrepreneurs. Defining leadership and entrepreneurship as an influence, the Halogen Foundation believes that every young person has an innate potential to influence and lead, becoming positive change-agents. By developing an entrepreneurial mindset, youths can be further equipped to contribute positively to society.

Halogen Foundation aims to make quality leadership and entrepreneurship education available to all young people regardless of background, race, income, or religion, particularly those who are disadvantaged - coming from challenging family backgrounds and/or require financial assistance.

Phaidon Outreach Program