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What is the difference between a recruiter and talent acquisition partner?

If you're looking to fill a skills gap or build a new team, you will likely reach out to a professional. Your options are a recruiter or a talent acquisition partner. While both can help you meet specific recruitment requirements, only one can help to effectively steer your ongoing strategy in alignment with the business's goals and vision. So, what's involved in choosing between a recruiter and a talent acquisition partner?

It all comes down to strategy

Recruiters have a pivotal role to play - and a lot to add if you're keen to get some practical hiring help. However, rarely will you find a recruiter who can contribute when it comes to strategy. Recruiting is focused entirely on dealing with a current hiring need, and there is little, or no, bigger picture thinking involved. On the other hand, a talent acquisition partner will build a relationship that goes beyond the next hire and focus on strategy too. This strategy will mean understanding the business, its needs now and in the future, what kind of challenges are specific to this organisation and how to tailor the hiring strategy to ensure it supports goals and vision.


The benefits of choosing a talent acquisition partner

Talent acquisition is about identifying and connecting with the right people to meet your current and future organisational needs. A talent acquisition partner will work on several levels for your business, from developing sourcing strategies to handling the process of candidate assessment, dealing with compliance and establishing robust hiring standards, and implementing measures to ensure a solid corporate brand. There are several benefits for any business in choosing a talent acquisition partner, including:

  • Connecting with the right people, not just the most available people. Talent acquisition is about recruiting people who are the right fit for the business. This forward-thinking has many advantages, including a lower ongoing recruitment cost because candidates become long-term employees.

  • The right people keep your business competitive. You benefit from enhanced innovation, creativity, and optimism when you have teams that gel. This type of effective hiring is the opposite of difficult hires, which can demotivate and depress.

  • A more effective recruitment process. Working with a talent acquisition partner means your recruitment process is likely to be more effective, inclusive, and in line with the business culture. You'll need to devote less time and resources to it because it will be required less often.

  • Candidates are hired for both performance and potential. It's not just about finding people who can do the job today but also those who can build a brighter future for the business tomorrow. This long-term view is one of the main benefits of working with a talent acquisition partner.

If you’re looking to improve your business hiring practices and get more from your talent investments, working with a talent acquisition partner could be the shift that your business needs. Want to know more about

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