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Growing demand for talent expertise in Germany means Phaidon International expands again

Phaidon International’s German presence has once again been bolstered by establishing more talent solutions, truly enhancing the award-winning talent partner’s ethos of local, specialist expertise with a global perspective.

LVI Associates, Phaidon International’s Engineering and Infrastructure brand, has joined the Berlin office as of November 1st, 2022, building on their existing client base across Germany. Both EPM Scientific and Glocomms, leading talent partners in the Life Sciences and Technology markets respectively, have also extended their offering into contract and interim talent solutions, after seeing great success in the permanent space.

With demand for renewable energies reaching an all-time high, companies are hard-pressed to find professionals equipped with the expertise to handle these new challenges. LVI Associates has been supporting German companies on their quest for qualified talent via their UK office and can now do so with more flexibility. Marco Hermle, Managing Director of Germany, says:

“At Phaidon International it was important to us to bring LVI Associates to Germany so we can better meet our customers’ needs.” This includes easier in-person meetings and even quicker results.”

In a similar vein, bringing a contract consulting desk to the Berlin office allows both EPM and Glocomms to solve shorter term challenges for their clients by connecting them with high-quality talents at even higher speeds.

As Marco Hermle, Managing Director Germany, also expands:

“We focus on where companies need us and in which technologies there is a growing demand. With EPM Scientific, we support biotech companies by adapting extremely quickly to market conditions and thinking ahead. When something new comes along, for example a drug or a vaccine, these companies need expertise on the ground immediately to move a project forward. We make that possible through our strong network of freelancers and our understanding of the industry.”

​The growing demand is evident. EPM Scientific’s contracts division has seen a 165% increase between 2020 and 2022. Germany has dominated the clinical trials market in the EU and accounted for the largest revenue of any other EU country with 23.9% revenue in 2021. With a population of 84 million and a booming biotech and pharma scene, Phaidon International is excited to see what EPM Scientific and its new contracts division in Germany can accomplish.

In the renewable energy sector, LVI Associates is also seeing a steep rise in demand for their expert services across Europe and especially in Germany, where the brand has been actively securing permanent talent for companies for a number of years.

Already one of the biggest talent partners in the UK, the November expansion now cements Phaidon International’s growing position in Germany.

As Marco Hermle highlights:

“We are niche service providers with a strong specialization in all our verticals. What is crucial is our flexibility and expertise, because of which we can get up to speed quickly and provide the high-quality service that companies need in the current situation.

“Now that we are also on the ground and have our finger on the pulse of what's happening, we can react in a more dynamic and targeted manner, and adapt our service even faster to changing needs and market regulations.”

Alongside its specialist talent brands, Phaidon International helps companies find the right professionals to fill critical positions worldwide. In just four years, the talent partner has doubled in size to 1,600+ employees by applying the same high quality hiring standards for clients to its own business, and by offering award-winning educational programs to its consultants. With more than 50 languages spoken across the business internationally, 20 of which are represented in the Berlin office, over a quarter of employees have also internally relocated.

For media enquiries on Phaidon International, please contact:
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​About Phaidon International

Across six specialist brands that offer local expertise with a worldwide reach, Phaidon International is the talent partner of choice for companies, solving business and operational challenges through strategic hiring across Financial Sciences & Services, Engineering & Infrastructure, Supply Chain, Life Sciences, Technology, and Regulatory & Legal. Today, Phaidon International is proud to deliver excellence to clients in over 60 countries, winning over 50 independent awards along the way. Phaidon International is backed by Future Global.