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Stay ahead of data industry trends, threats, and opportunities with Glocomms’ new report: Demand in Data

Phaidon International’s specialist technology talent brand, Glocomms, is delighted to share the launch of its new ‘Demand in Data’ report, containing market trends, salary guides, and hiring recommendations relevant to any business with a data team and data industry professionals.

As companies around the world race to collect, analyze, and utilize data to make improvements across every aspect of their business and outperform their competitors, the demand for data professionals has surged. Despite the incredible opportunities and advancements new data technology promises, there are emerging threats which, if not closely monitored, have the potential to ruin a brand’s reputation. 

In such a competitive market where data professionals have the choice to explore any field they choose, attracting and retaining the best talent is becoming increasingly challenging. Glocomms’ ‘Demand in Data’ report has been created to ensure that both hiring managers and professionals can keep ahead of trends and their competition to capitalize on the opportunities in this rapidly evolving market.

As well as investigating emerging opportunities and threats businesses should be aware of, this comprehensive report shares the most sought-after data roles, and advises on the technical, soft, and business skills that hiring managers should look out for when searching for top data talent.

The report also provides essential salary guidance for key data roles across the UK, Europe, USA, and Asia so data professionals can benchmark against their peers and businesses can ensure they are offering attractive and competitive compensation packages.

Further insights that can be found throughout the report include the trending industries that offer exciting career prospects for data professionals, as well as key takeaways for both businesses looking to hire data talent and professionals exploring their career options in the current market.

“The positioning of data and technology in an organization has changed in the last 12 months, as data continues to become more integral on both a revenue generating and privacy level. We’ve seen some strategic changes on which skillsets continue to be in demand, and which new skillsets are sought after by organisations,” says Agni Ghosh, Director at Glocomms.

“This report takes a deep dive into all of these areas, whilst also giving important perspectives such as the role ED&I plays in attracting this talent, as well as salary benchmarking on a global scale.”

Click here to download the Demand in Data Report, or request a call backfrom the expert technology consultants at Glocomms to discover how they can help you find the right talent for your business, or help you find your next career move.