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Phaidon International accelerates West Coast growth with office expansion and talent opportunities

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The global talent provider is seeing increasing demand for talent across key industries in California

LOS ANGELES – July 31st, 2023 – Phaidon International, a global talent partner that solves business challenges through strategic hiring across six specialized brands, announced the launch of its new larger office in West Los Angeles today. This growth and continued investment from the company in Playa Vista, in the heart of Silicon Beach, is a direct result of the rising demand for business-critical talent in the state.

For over a decade, Phaidon International has established a robust foothold within the growing Californian business community, and the unveiling of the new 32,000 square-foot office stands as a testament to the team's exceptional achievements in the region.

This expanded real estate will serve as a catalyst for accelerated progression and enhanced collaboration across all six of Phaidon International’s industry brands, all of which are spearheading advancements by sourcing highly sought-after, business-critical talent to propel West Coast-based companies to exponential growth.

California is a global leader in transitioning to renewable energy, continuing to innovate in life sciences, and developing disruptive technology. Additionally, the state has long been home to industries such as manufacturing and supply chain, financial services, and the regulatory and legal sector, making Phaidon International's commitment to doing business in California both natural and mutually beneficial for our team and the professional communities we continue to support. 

Phaidon International will further increase its presence by more than doubling its number of internal positions, hiring over 170 consultants over the next two to three years, establishing new roles to support and solve talent challenges, and enabling companies to stay ahead of ever-demanding talent requirements.

Its current internal talent pool already has deep regional roots, stemming from some of the area’s prominent universities, including University of California, Los Angeles, University of Southern California, San Diego State University, Loyola Marymount University, University of California, Santa Barbara and University of Arizona, with plans to continue making regional hiring a focus of its growth strategies.

“I am excited to see Phaidon International continue its investment on the West Coast, continuing to support clients and highly skilled talent candidates, as we have already enabled thousands of successful careers. I’m extremely proud of what our Los Angeles team has achieved, especially those who took a chance joining the team in an office that was only a few hundred square feet. This office is a massive milestone for them and I’m excited to provide them with a space that will further allow them to develop their careers here at Phaidon International,” said Dylan Pany, Managing Director, Head of Los Angeles and West Coast Region at Phaidon International.

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