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From Bay to Boardroom: Celebrating One Year in Tampa

Tampa may be one of Phaidon International’s newest offices, but it has already made a lasting impression.

Exactly a year ago, we opened our newest US office location – Tampa. We caught up with Jamie Remp, Executive Director and Head of Florida, on the one-year anniversary to discuss what the first year has been like, Florida’s current business environment, and why everyone should want to work in Tampa.

Each month, we'll release a new blog post in our series, diving deep into the unique culture and operations of our key offices located in various corners of the globe.

When deciding where to open our next location here at Phaidon International, we look to the biggest markets we cover. Just over a year ago we were already assisting businesses and professionals in Florida, however we were without a physical presence on the ground, so as Jamie says, it was the next logical step to open there:

“Florida was the biggest market in the US that had business but didn't have an office in. We chose Tampa because it is an ideal place to base yourself long-term, build a career, buy a property, and have a family. It’s also a great location in terms of where we can service. This is because it’s very central in Florida, with easy access to Orlando, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, and Miami.”

Working with our Dallas and Charlotte offices, Tampa covers Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, the Carolinas, and the wider South East.

Tampa’s Growth Story

After being based in Tampa for the past year, Jamie can attest to the city’s flourishing economy:

“Tampa is booming. If you look anywhere, cranes and buildings are going up everywhere. There are many businesses relocating here, whether in financial services, manufacturing, or life sciences.”

“In life sciences, we’re not quite a hub, but we’re getting there. There are certainly some big life sciences manufacturers growing their presence here in Tampa. We’ve seen some large financial services firms relocating to Florida as well. This is to take advantage of the low cost of living, robust infrastructure, as well as favorable taxes.

“Interestingly tech firms are also following suit, and we have seen some big developments in cyber security here, with two major firms now competing for skilled employees. I think we’ll see the tech market continue to open up here. Tampa’s port is a great location as well so we see lots of operations across manufacturing and logistics.”

Tampa is not dominated by one market. Therefore, Phaidon International’s six specialist brands, offering local expertise with a worldwide reach, complement Tampa’s diverse business environment seamlessly. The city’s appetite for innovation and development has meant Tampa could be poised to be Phaidon International’s most successful office launch, although as Jamie says, we’ll regroup with him at the end of the year for the results:

“I think it’s been the most challenging year of my career, but not difficult if that makes sense. The reason I say challenging is because you learn so much when you set up a new office. We started a year ago with five people, and now we’re at 34 consultants. We may end up as the most successful office launch at Phaidon International, so ask me again in 3 months how the first year has gone!”

Jamie’s Journey

Jamie’s journey from graduate to Tampa MD is the type of growth we encourage at Phaidon International, with international relocation opportunities, exceptional training, and management programs to support you in rising to the very top. Although at the beginning, it wasn’t all smooth sailing:

“I joined Phaidon International because when I graduated I wanted to get straight into work where I could earn and progress far. I was choosing between sales or recruitment, and I chose recruitment because I’ve always been more interested in people than products. I started with LVI Associates, our energy & infrastructure brand, and my first six months were really challenging. I had to develop my listening skills and utilize the support of management, and once I did that I progressed regularly and saw success.”

“I then moved to our life sciences specialist brand, EPM Scientific, and saw out the COVID-19 pandemic there. Being a leader during those times, when everyone worked remotely was a huge learning experience.

“The chance to move to North America and open the next office came up, and I’ve always wanted to work abroad, so I jumped for it. I landed in Tampa in February 2022, and you know what February in the UK is like? Well, it was about 25 degrees in Tampa in comparison, so I was sold from then on!”

Team Tampa

Tampa is in a real period of transformation. Whether you are a business looking to invest and relocate, a professional considering their next career move, or a graduate looking for their first role with Phaidon International, Jamie believes there is something in Tampa for everyone. The city has gained its first Michelin star restaurant, some of the finest beaches in the US, and as we’ve already mentioned, great weather and a business-friendly environment.

“A lot of companies are moving here, and that is sure to continue," says Jamie.

“These companies relocating to Tampa are not only offering the chance to come here and have an excellent lifestyle, but because of the business environment, top talent can really further their careers as well.”

Working for Phaidon International

Wherever you work at Phaidon International, you’re enabled to thrive. Jamie believes team Tampa’s difference right now is the visibility you gain:

“It’s exciting to be part of Phaidon International, wherever you work. Being part of Tampa means you really have a direct impact. You're a significant stakeholder in an expanding and growing office where you can shape our operations. That level of influence you have is really remarkable, and how we’ve expanded over just a year gives you an idea of progression opportunities as well.”

If you would like to explore career opportunities at Phaidon International’s Tampa’s office, click here to search for roles or submit your resume.