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Committed to carbon offsetting at Phaidon International

Phaidon International is celebrating Earth Day 2022 with not one, not two, but three exciting initiatives to help offset the global talent partner’s carbon footprint.

To address climate change, the first step is to understand your impact and GHG emissions. Phaidon International has completed an appraisal of their FY20 and FY21 emissions with Carbon Footprint Ltd. Emissions for FY20 and FY21 were firstly assessed and then looked at to see how the business can proactively offset FY21 emissions, which were 494 tonnes.

All the offsetting projects Phaidon International have now committed to are all verified carbon standard, and will continue yearly.

Planting trees in Africa & the Amazon to also enable additional income

Phaidon International has also chosen to plant trees in the UK and Kenya.

Over the last ten years, the project in Kenya has planted over 200,000 trees and rehabilitated over 160 hectares of the forest, helping restore the water catchment ecosystem function of the forest.

While doing this, over 20 community members who directly work in the forest make their livelihoods from the project. Many more from their families benefit from being dependent on them. The project includes an empowerment scheme, where the members are now owners of dairy cows, from which they get additional income from the sale of milk to their villagers.The project is also strongly focused on empowering women, who make up over 50% of the project team.

Phaidon International is also supporting the Brazil Pacajai Verified Carbon Standard (VCS981) Amazon Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD+) project. The Amazon rainforest is the largest remaining rainforest in the world, and is known for its amazing biodiversity. Containing 10% of all species, including many endangered species. Preserving the Amazon is therefore crucial, which is why Phaidon International is so keen to support this project.

Wind power support

The China Hebei Haixing Verified Carbon Standard (VCS414) 49.5MW Wind Farm project plans to generate electricity using wind power as a resource, as well as sell the generated output to the Hebei Southern Power Grid. It is hoped the project generates greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions by avoiding CO2 emissions from fossil fuel power plants as the power grid switches to the wind farm, and Phaidon International is delighted to support this wind farm in reducing fossil fuel usage.

Offsetting emissions is the only way to account for emissions that have already been caused, by funding climate change solutions, emissions reductions and avoidance around the globe. This enables offsetting projects to continue saving carbon emissions and promotes a greater development of projects of a similar nature.