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Phaidon International's approach to the environment is ingrained in its culture, as such we have adopted a number of measures into our way of life in order to reduce the impact we have on the environment around us.

We choose to work with suppliers who also elect to protect the environment through corporate initiatives. Our dedicated global renewable energy team is an advocate for the sector, championing areas such as solar power, wind power, tidal and biomass.

We monitor our carbon output and are committed to reducing it on a yearly basis- through our policies on procurement, travel and office operations.

For example, all of our printed material is sourced through a member of the Woodland Carbon Scheme (in Association with the Woodland Trust), which ensures that when we do print; all material is in line with a number of environmental measures including:

  • Using FSC/PEFC paper grades
  • Using mineral free vegetable based oil inks
  • Safe and Responsible disposal of waste through stringent recycling
  • Active re-planting of forests- making the operation carbon positive