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Navigating the Talent Challenge Post-Pandemic

Navigating the Talent Challenge Post-Pandemic

The approaching storm

The evolution of the global pandemic is yet to be determined, but the unprecedented disruption is certainly implicating all industries in all directions. The new reality taking shape is bound in complexity, uncertainty, and most importantly, opportunity. Leaders and corporations are now firmly fixing their analysis on how to retain their business-critical talent and compete in an environment potentially very different than a year ago.

Anxiety about the workforce is not new: a PWC study found 80% of CEOs are either extremely or somewhat concerned about their organization’s ability to access skilled labor in the future. The Covid-19 pandemic exacerbates this problem in two ways: high-quality employees are more essential than ever, as businesses prepare to recover and relaunch; and the lockdown periods have given many workers a new level of clarity about their work-life dynamic.

The result could be a mass exodus of talent post-pandemic.

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