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The Golden Thread: Our Values

The recruitment market is highly commoditised. While there appears to be little scope for differentiation, Phaidon’s culture and our "Golden Thread" ensure that we stand out from the crowd; to deliver a number of value-added benefits to our clients from day one. At the heart of our organic culture are three characteristics which underpin and drive the superior market performance we enjoy across the group. We call them “The Golden Thread”.


Our ability is what makes us market leaders and sets us apart from the competition. As a business, our ability ensures our consultants can channel their relentless commitment and energy to deliver superior results. Across the group, our micro-specialist brands are able to demonstrate a complete understanding of what our clients and candidates consider essential. It is our ability to combine passion, expertise, interest and understanding in our chosen sectors that enables us to deliver efficient superior services.As a people based business, we consistently invest in the ability of our people to ensure they have a progressive career that develops and enhances the abilities essential to thrive in our culture. 

We respect that each client we serve and each candidate we place has a unique character. 
As an organically grown business, we are attracted to hire those individuals with the strength of character, commitment, personality, independence of mind, and individuality of working to a common purpose. These are qualities that help us challenge convention whilst solving problems and delivering superior solutions on behalf of our clients. 

Phaidon International values loyalty and believes it significantly contributes to our ability to achieve superior market performance. We are passionate about our business, our culture and our purpose in society. We overtly demonstrate loyalty to clients and candidates who themselves value loyal, intimate partnerships. Loyalty is the essence of our organisation and at the heart of our culture. Within our business, our allegiance is demonstrated by a relentless commitment to our employees.  We invest time, energy, and unwavering support to develop and enable our own people to achieve world-class careers with us. We believe being loyal requires unconditional honesty. We actively encourage an environment of openness that enhances sincere, earnest relationships throughout our organisation.