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Victoria McGill

                    I lead our Investment Management Team for the Americas at Selby Jennings. I built our fund management, as well as our buy side sales and marketing, recruitment efforts in North America from the ground up through building symbiotic relationships across hedge funds and asset managers.

My team has grown quickly through their niche focus within asset classes and investment strategies, which allows us to be a preferred provider of top talent, in addition to being a reliable resource for market intel. 

Our fund management team focuses on portfolio management, research, and strategy positions across traditional long only strategies, alternative hedge fund strategies, as well as positions with fund of funds and family offices.

The Buy Side Sales and Marketing Team covers institutional and retail business development/fund raising, investor/consultant relations, product specialist, marketing and client service positions across the spectrum of investment managers.
Credit Market and Private Debt Predictions for 2017
Credit Market and Private Debt Predictions for 2017
As we progress into Q1 of 2017, the investment market appears strong, with plenty of new areas of investment emerging de...