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A Career in Recruitment

We believe that servicing our clients and candidates is not about meeting expectations. It's about exceeding them.

We know our people are our greatest asset and our business leaders of tomorrow. Did you know our CEO, Harry Youtan, started out as a graduate? Not everyone’s definition of success is the same, but we can help you define what success looks like to you. Alongside like-minded individuals, you can forge your path and the future of the business. We consistently invest in your ability to ensure you have the tools needed to achieve your career goals. We understand that sometimes what you studied doesn’t have to be the path you follow.

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​Reimagine your potential. Reimagine your career.

Reimagine Your Potential

  • Brandon Garber

    Brandon Garber

    ​Since joining about two years ago, my experience at Phaidon International has been fantastic. Being part of a supportive, yet competitive culture where I am surrounded by like-minded, driven individuals, constantly pushes me to be better both professionally and personally.It is for these very reasons that I have been so successful over these past years and have earned the opportunity to grow and build new business ventures within the firm.”

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  • Katherine Ward

    Katherine Ward

    ​What I love most about working at Phaidon is that you get as much out as you put in. I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted to do after I graduated, but I always knew I wanted to do something that would allow me to be in complete control of my own success.After I interviewed here back in September 2017, I could tell Phaidon would provide me with that, but now I can proudly say it’s given me so much more. In less than 2 years, Phaidon International has given me the platform and training to become a trusted consultant to Executive Business Leaders within Fortune 500 organizations to fill business-critical roles within their teams.

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  • Abi Jeyakumar

    Abi Jeyakumar

    ​I initially joined Phaidon International as an Associate Consultant in our London office. In under two years, I was promoted from an Associate Consultant to Consultant, to Principal Consultant, and then selected to relocate across the globe to assist with launching our Hong Kong office.Since then, I’ve been heavily involved in building out the Selby Jennings brand and have witnessed our team grow from four to forty people. I’m now responsible for leading the Selby Jennings business in Hong Kong to its next milestone. Whether you’re motivated by career progression, International relocation or an enterprising working environment, the opportunities available to those at Phaidon International are endless.

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  • Axis Rutledge

    Axis Rutledge

    I joined Phaidon by accident as I had just moved to New York and was frantically trying to get a job. I received three missed calls from a random number and finally answered the fourth time. Since making the decision to pick up the phone and interview – I have made so many friends, went on the Summer incentive trip, and have exceeded all of my goals for my first year which included getting promoted. The opportunities Phaidon can give you at the age of 23 are unlike any other entry level job!

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  • Dan Abbott

    Dan Abbott

    I joined Phaidon International in October 2018 as a learning & development consultant. After just fourth months, I was given the incredible opportunity to move to Berlin to support our German and Swiss offices. A year after joining, I now oversee the full development process of all consultants for these regions, from their induction and on-boarding on their first day, to management training and coaching at Director level.  One year ago, I was in a different career, in a different company, in a different country. The support and opportunities afforded to me since joining are second to none, and I genuinely can’t wait to see what the future brings working here.

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  • Laurence Scott

    Laurence Scott

    ​I chose Phaidon International because over all others they presented me with the best opportunity. The chance to not only become a good recruiter, but to also be able to grow my own business, all based upon my own performance.I joined the contracts division of Glocomms, a Phaidon International brand, in September 2014. Since joining I have had the chance to be involved in the development of the contracts department and have witnessed the office grow from 90 people to over 200.

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  • Eva Banks

    Eva Banks

    ​I was already an expat living in Berlin when I joined Phaidon International in March; I was thrilled to find a company with people in a similar boat to me. The sense of community I felt, since the beginning of theinterview process, really got me excited about joining the team. Working here has enabled me to take control of my career – my hard work is directly rewarded in a very tangible way; both with the unrivalled commission scheme and through merit-based promotions. It makes me feel appreciated whilst highlighting the value I am adding on a daily basis."

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  • Ian Yeung

    Ian Yeung

    ​The reason I joined Phaidon International was because of the culture. When I first met with the team, the energy and enthusiasm they had for the job and the business inspired me so much. Everyone here is motivated and supportive of each other. We all have a common goal; we want to succeed, individually and as a team. That common goal brings all of us together as a family. The culture is something that I really cherish about working here.

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  • Rebecca Mould

    Rebecca Mould

    I had worked in sales at university, but never had the opportunity to be rewarded for how hard I worked. I had always wanted to work in a people based job, where I could interact with different people on a daily basis. When I came across Phaidon International, they offered me the chance to control my progression and potential.

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  • Alex Hayes

    Alex Hayes

    I joined Phaidon International five years ago. In such a short time, I have progressed from a Graduate Consultant to an Associate Director. I truly believe I was only able to achieve such fast career progression because of the training and support provided on a daily basis. It has allowed me to drive my career to suit my strengths. In my new role, I can mentor consultants with what I have learned to help them be even more successful.

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  • Brianne Toole

    Brianne Toole

    ​As soon as I walked into the office of Phaidon International for my first interview after graduating from Notre Dame University, I could feel the fast paced energy in the room and knew immediately that there was something special about the company. This fast pace is not only limited to the energy in the office, but is also reflected in the rapid growth opportunities offered at Phaidon International. With a strong leadership training program and dedicated senior staff, I’ve been given consistent support that allowed me to progress quickly within the business. For me, that fast paced growth has given me the opportunity to manage a growing team, help people achieve their professional and personal goals, and to relocate to expand my brand on the West Coast.

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10 Facts About Us

  • We speak 54 languages


    We speak 54 languages

  • 52% of our employees were promoted this year


    52% of our employees were promoted this year

  • We have 80 training courses available


    We have 80 training courses available

  • Our employees receive over 100 hours of training during their first year


    Our employees receive over 100 hours of training during their first year

  • We offer an MBA essentials programme run by the LSE


    We offer an MBA essentials programme run by the LSE

  • Promotion in 7 months on average


    Promotion in 7 months on average

  • 2 x VIP all expenses paid trips each year for top performers


    2 x VIP all expenses paid trips each year for top performers

  • Opportunities to relocate to other offices around the world after 18+ months service


    Opportunities to relocate to other offices around the world after 18+ months ...

  • 90% of our global leadership team started as graduates


    90% of our global leadership team started as graduates

  • 20 charities supported in the last year


    20 charities supported in the last year

Phaidon's Career Path

At Phaidon International, we take pride in our organic growth model and strive to promote from within, whenever possible. We are dedicated to ensuring that every employee working under the Phaidon International umbrella has the resources and training required to help them achieve their full potential. As a company that is growing rapidly, we put a lot of effort into developing our junior staff of today into our leaders of tomorrow. Whether you want to have a career that takes you international, gives you a quick route to management, funds the lifestyle that you have always dreamed of, or enables you to work across multiple business units, Phaidon International offers the best platform to fuel your biggest ambitions.

We don’t believe in glass ceilings. We believe in giving our people incredible opportunities. In fact, the more you put in the quicker you’ll progress. Our consultants can become managers after just 18 months. Many of our people relocate internationally to one of our many other offices around the world. We’ve even seen some of our people pay off their student loans and buy their first house by the age of 26.

What will you do with your opportunity to reimagine your potential?

  • Functional


    Be part of the backbone of the company by moving into IT, Learning & Development, Talent Acquisition, Finance, Marketing, Operations
  • Management


    Use the experiences that you have gained to work with and develop your own team, and our leaders of the future. You’ll get involved with writing and delivering strategies for your departments that will help support the growth of the business as a whole.
  • Market Specialism

    Market Specialism

    Become a market expert by developing an in-depth understanding of the intricate workings of a particular market and how that shapes both our business globally as well as the relationships that we have with clients around the world.
  • Key Account Management

    Key Account Management

    Raise your profile by using your expertise to build strong relationships with some of the biggest client accounts that we have around the world. You’ll be networking with many of consultants globally to deliver for clients on some large projects, impacting the business in a large way.
  • Internal Relocation

    Internal Relocation

    Push yourself out of your comfort zone by living and working in another culture. You’ll be familiar with how everything works but you’ll gain an insight into new cultures, different markets and a diverse range of customer habits that you may not have experienced before.
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Learning & Development

Learning and Development is huge at Phaidon International. The development of our employees is a cornerstone of our business; whichever team they’re in or stage they’re at in their careers. We are seriously committed to making our team brilliant at their jobs, and we do our best to ensure they have the right skills and knowledge at the right time to succeed.

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