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A career in recruitment is all about the people

You’ve just finished your studies, you’re raring to get into the world of work, but you’re unsure of what direction to go in. A career in recruitment can be a fantastic choice for many new graduates. It’s fun, lively, financially rewarding, and you’ll learn countless new skills that will help you progress both personally and professionally. Check out these 5 reasons to consider a career in recruitment.

If you’re the outgoing type who enjoys chatting to and meeting new people on a daily basis then you’ll love the social aspect of a career in recruitment. Not a day goes by when you won’t speak to someone who you find genuinely interesting. And that’s just the guys you’re busy securing awesome jobs for.

You’ll also be building relationships with hiring managers at businesses. The better you get to know them, the more you’ll understand what kind of staff they are looking for. Plus, recruitment is full of personalities from all walks of life. The atmosphere in a recruitment office is unlike any other you'll set foot in. It's fun, lively, and competitive, the perfect environment for any people person.

You Get to Use Your Entrepreneurial Flair

A career in recruitment is about as close to running your own business as you can get without starting a company. Unlike with most careers, the amount of work you put in has a direct bearing on how successful you are.

If you’re a self-starter with an eye for an opportunity then you’ll already be ahead of the game. But while you get to use your entrepreneurial flair and create your own openings, you also have the benefit of knowing you’ve got the full backing of an established organization behind you.

You Earn on Your Own Terms

Recruitment is a true meritocracy. This means that how much you earn has nothing to do with how long you've been at the company, your job title, or how many years experience you've got in the bank. Because of this, a grad who's fresh out of university can earn just as much someone who's been in the game for years. And quite often they do!

With a career in recruitment, you get out what you put in, so your hard work and persistence will earn you the cash that you truly deserve. Forget about waiting around for your boss to give you a pay rise, or until someone feels you’re ready for the next step on the ladder. It’s down to you to go out there and make it happen for yourself.

Variety is the Spice of Life

There’s nothing like a tedious set routine to turn your days into a monotonous stream of groundhog day drudgery. So switch it up. You’ll see the phrase “no two days are the same” cropping up in a lot of job adverts. But for recruitment, it’s genuinely true.

This is because you set your own diary, you choose what tasks you focus on all day, and you get to spend most of your time speaking to new people. Today you’ll be working with a brand new startup. Tomorrow you’ll be doing business with an experienced FTSE 100 executive. One thing’s for sure, there are no boring days in recruitment.

Enjoy Tons of Extra Benefits

Not only are you rewarded with a highly competitive base salary and unlimited earning potential through your commission, but a career in recruitment also provides you with tons of excellent extra benefits.

You’ll get top quality training from people who have done the job before. There are loads of incentives for high performers like celebratory lunches in swanky restaurants and all inclusive holidays to glitzy destinations. Plus career progression is actively encouraged, meaning you can get your foot on the management rung within a year, or take your career international with a position at an overseas office.


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