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5 Reasons To Launch Your Career In Singapore

With a population of just over 5 million people and a surface area of less than 300 square miles, Singapore is relatively small. But what it lacks in size, it more than makes up for in stature, punching far above its weight in just about every respect. 
This city-state is one of Asia’s main financial powerhouses, boasting a booming economy. It’s the definition of cosmopolitan, with foreigners making up some 64% of Singapore’s population being made up of foreigners. And it’s got weather to die for with a regular temperature of around 33C. 
All of this makes it a great place to live and work, and an exciting country to head to as a new grad. Here are 5 more reasons why Singapore is a great place to launch your career.

Singapore is the Gateway to Southeast Asia

Many recent grads are torn between starting their careers straight away and taking the opportunity to jet off and explore a bit of the world. If this sounds like you and travel is on high on your agenda then settling in Singapore could provide the perfect solution. 
Not only is Malaysia just a short hop across the border, but Singapore also serves as the gateway to the rest of Southeast Asia. Exotic countries like Thailand, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Vietnam are all just a cheap flight away. Within a few of hours you could be sipping cocktails on a Thai island, slurping Pho in Vietnam, or chilling out on an Indonesian beach.

You’ll Love The Nightlife

Though Singapore is best known as a contemporary business hub, come sundown it transforms into a buzzing hive of nocturnal activity. From trendy cocktail bars and bumping dance clubs to spectacular light shows and international theatre productions, there’s a varied and intoxicating nightlife on offer. 
There’s also a top notch food scene, and whether you dine at a street stall or a classy restaurant, you’re guaranteed it will be delish. The local cuisine is a fantastic combination of all the ethnic influences at play with notable elements of Chinese, Indian, and Indonesian. There’s also plenty of familiar fare available to satisfy any cravings you might have from home.

Paychecks are Big and Taxes are Low

Let’s face it, ultimately we all go to work to get paid. And in Singapore, the financial benefits on offer are a real draw. Salaries are relatively high, while the progressive tax system ensures that taxes for foreigners are extremely low. 
The upshot? You have a terrific earning capacity in Singapore and get to keep more of what you make. And with a graduate role at Phaidon International that earning potential will be immediate and virtually unlimited.

You’ll Enjoy a Great Lifestyle

Heading overseas can be an extremely difficult task, sometimes with seemingly endless obstacles to overcome. Moving to Singapore on the other hand is a relative breeze, not least because the official language is English making communication hassle-free. 
The general standard of living in Singapore is also extremely high, just another reason it’s so popular with expats. It’s consistently rated as one of the safest places in the world to live with extremely low crime rates. The weather is always warm regardless of the time of year. And as an added bonus, no matter where you are, the beach is only a 20 minute journey away.

The Opportunities are Huge

Singapore’s economy is one of the most stable and fastest growing in the entire world, and it’s showing no signs of slowing down. Because of this the business opportunities are absolutely huge. This is something that’s demonstrated by the rapid expansion Phaidon International has undergone here.
It’s also mirrored by the personal opportunities you’ll find available as we’ll provide you with the perfect platform to achieve awesome things. With ambition and hard work there’s no limit to what you can achieve.​


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