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5 Reasons to Launch Your Career in Hong Kong

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​Hong Kong is one of the most exciting cities on the planet. It’s known for its spectacular skyline, towering skyscrapers, and as a thriving international business hub. 
But it’s also got a few unexpected surprises up its sleeve that go way beyond the preconceptions. Here are 5 reasons to launch your career in Hong Kong.

No Language Barrier

Hong Kong is a truly international city made up of people from all countries and cultures. Because of this you’ll hear plenty of different languages spoken when you’re out and about. 
Despite the multiculturalism, virtually everyone you encounter will speak English, which comes as less of a surprise when you know that it’s actually one of the territory’s two official languages. 
When moving to a new country, having to get by in a different language can be an extremely testing complication. With Hong Kong it’s one worry off your mind.

It’s Extremely Safe

Another big consideration when you’re thinking about moving overseas is safety. Nobody wants to live somewhere that they feel unsafe, and Hong Kong has a great record on this front. 
Hong Kong is consistently rated as one of the safest cities on the planet across numerous measures. It boasts extremely low crime rates, plus one of the highest ratios of police officers to citizens in the world.

A Great Lifestyle

You’ll enjoy a fantastic quality of life in Hong Kong, with everything you’d expect from a thoroughly modern city. But while the world class shopping and restaurant scenes are well known, some aspects of local life may come as a surprise. 
It doesn’t take long to escape the big smoke and find yourself in the luscious natural landscapes that surround the city. There are plenty of awesome mountain hiking and cycling trails to be discovered, offering stunning views over the bays. 
Many people are also completely unaware that Hong Kong has dozens of gorgeous beaches. You can surf, swim, or simply chill out on the golden sands with a cocktail. Who knew?

Big Earning Potential, Low Tax

Hong Kong’s unique relationship with China makes it the key entryway to the lucrative Chinese market for many businesses. And while there’s undoubtedly lots of competition, it also translates to huge opportunity. 
Not only is it an international business hub, but its economy is consistently named as the freest in the world. That means it’s easy to get things done here and there’s no need to worry about red tape or corruption.
The upshot of this? Earning potential in Hong Kong is massive, making it a career destination of choice for many. And, thanks to taxes being extremely low, you’re able to pocket much more of what you make.

Travel Connections 

Whether you’re after a short break or a longer getaway, the travel options from Hong Kong are second to none. 
Exciting destinations like Thailand, Vietnam, Japan, and South Korea are all only a couple of hours flight away. And then of course there is mainland China, just a short hop across the border.
Best of all, flights from Hong Kong to all of these surrounding countries are both frequent and cheap. This means launching your career in Hong Kong will allow you to easily explore the rest of the region.


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