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​Five reasons graduates should consider a career in executive search

Finishing university can feel like the world is your oyster. Or you might be thinking, “what on earth do I do now?” Whichever category you fall into (and there are many others in between these two), it doesn’t hurt to get a bit of guiding advice regarding what you might consider doing next. Executive Search is a role that offers a wide variety of experiences - and excellent career prospects. If that sounds like something you might be interested in, here are five good reasons to take a closer look.

1.     You can move quickly up the career ladder.

If you take a role in Executive Search and find that you’re a high performer, then progression into senior positions can be fast. You’ll get training and development to help you settle into the role in the first place. Plus, as promotions are based on performance rather than time served, you don’t need to wait until you’ve completed a specific number of years to move up.

2.     Executive Search firms invest in developing people.

When you start with a recruiter, you are viewed as a potential leader of the business in the future, which is why there are so many resources available for development. Whether you are working with a mentor, receiving regular training or coaching sessions, there is a whole range of support designed to help you get better at your work.

3.     Attractive incentives.

Executive Search firms are great at incentivising staff and find various ways to do that. There are, of course, the financial incentives - working on a commission basis means that you’ll be well rewarded for solid performance, and a range of benefits and perks come as part of your remuneration package. Not only that, but Executive Search firms frequently incentivise staff with social events, from shared pizza evenings to parties and trips, and you’ll have access to all of the incentives as soon as you start.

4.     A challenge that will keep things fresh.

A career in executive search will always feel positive and exciting because it will challenge you to keep being your best and develop confidence or communication skills. You’ll be frequently motivated to do your best, find out how much more you’re capable of, and tap into all your reserves of resilience, creativity and adaptability. These are highly transferable skills that you can take anywhere with you.

5.     Global work opportunities.

An Executive Search career is ideal if you’re keen to travel or work in another country. Take your transferable skills and all the knowledge and techniques you’ve learned, and go live your best life in whatever part of the world appeals to you the most. There are executive recruiters in almost any location globally, which makes this an ideal career choice for anyone keen to travel.

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