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How to Write a Great Employer Value Proposition

Posted: October 2019 Aishling Lanigan

​Any company's most important resource is its people. Hiring and retaining top talent is one of the biggest challenges faced by professional services firms.

Competitive sectors such as finance, tech and engineering rely on sourcing high quality and forward-thinking talent to thrive, and marketing efforts must now be focused on selling a company not only to customers, but to potential employees.

A great way to get your companies’ voice heard in busy hiring pools is to develop an Employer Value Proposition, or EVP. This is essentially a ‘pitch’ to prospective employees, outlining the benefits of working for your company.

This article covers how HR and talent sourcing professionals can develop and structure a strong EVP which will attract the talent a company needs to thrive. Using data and insights from across the company, a well-researched EVP can also have positive effects on lowering employee turnover and increasing market penetration.