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The Phaidon International Group Reaches 500,000 LinkedIn Followers

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The Phaidon International group, a global specialist recruitment leader, is proud to announce that we have reached a significant milestone: 500,000 LinkedIn followers across our portfolio of brands. Over the last twelve months, we have increased our following across six LinkedIn company pages by 69% through connecting specialists with engaging content about their industry.

Our award-winning specialist recruitment group has managed to attract new followers at an average rate of 17,000 people per month thanks to highly engaging industry news videos, hiring and career advice guides, and data-driven reports. 

“Achieving this milestone shows we are delivering on our vision to deliver value to the end users we serve,” said Group Marketing Director, Luis Rolim. “Building reputation and trust are absolutely key in the current climate – it is such an important time to have a voice, which goes beyond purely filling roles. Our LinkedIn presence enables us to communicate directly to thousands of industry professionals.”

The news comes at a crucial time for the talent landscape, where businesses and professionals are looking for clear advice on how to prepare and plan their next steps.

Adam Hawkins, Head of Search and Staffing UK, at LinkedIn said: “We’re delighted to see Phaidon International Group reach the milestone of 500,000 followers across its portfolio of specialist recruitment brands on LinkedIn. Developing thoughtful content and insights that are highly relevant to the industries it serves has never been so important in helping businesses and individuals navigate this challenging time.”

About Phaidon International: Phaidon International is the parent company of five specialist recruitment brands. Founded in 2004, Phaidon International exists to solve one of the top challenges faced by organizations and business leaders globally – attracting and securing talent.