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Phaidon International Recognized by Comparably Awards 2020

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Phaidon International has the best leadership teams, professional development, and CEO for women, according to employees 

Job seekers want to work in places that offer growth and have supportive leadership to help them up the corporate ladder – and Phaidon International delivers just that according to employees.  

Among smaller US firms, Phaidon International was ranked in the top 15 for professional development and the top 25 for having the best leadership teams. Across 60,000 US companies, Harry Youtan was also in the top 5% of all CEOs rated by female employees.  

The rankings were compiled by culture and career-monitoring website, Comparably, who surveyed employees over the past year. They asked employees a number of questions such as how often they got valuable feedback on how to improve and whether the leadership teams practiced transparency, empathy and open-mindedness. Employees also gave high marks for being ‘visionary’ or ‘mission-driven’. 

“We are delighted to be ranked highly on Comparably’s Best Companies for Professional Development, Best Leadership Teams and Best CEOs for Women lists,” said Abigail Sawden, Regional Human Resources Lead - US at Phaidon International. 

With the global health crisis disrupting businesses, employees value leaders with a plan and companies with the most meaningful opportunities for career growth, said Jason Nazar, CEO of Comparably, “These are the absolute best companies that are grooming the future leaders of tomorrow.”  

This is the cornerstone of Phaidon International’s business, according to Abigail Sawden, who credits the company’s achievements to its employees and supportive, meritocratic culture: “The fact that the majority of our leadership is organic is testament to the success of our professional development programs and our commitment to develop internal talent. This, combined with our strategy on equality, diversity and inclusion will continue to ensure Phaidon International is an inclusive and positive workplace, where everyone can reach their full potential.”  

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