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Working From Home is the Key to Diversity

Global lockdowns have transformed the way that millions of organizations operate. While businesses are preparing to reopen their doors, many employees do not want to see a ‘return to normal’. In our recent poll of over 5,200 professionals, 78% said they want their employer to encourage more working from home after this health crisis has passed.

However, employees feel they can’t ask for what they want. Nearly half of workers are too uncomfortable to raise personal issues with their employer and, even if they summoned the courage, a fifth believe that their request for more flexible working would be rejected.

Employers who anticipate the needs of their workforce are more likely to attract, retain and motivate talent. By offering employees the ability to work from home, employers can also engage diverse groups who may be disenfranchised by the traditional office environment. Download our complimentary guide to discover how working from home can improve the participation of female, disabled, and contingent workers.