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Performance Over Presence

Posted: April 2021

At the beginning of 2020, many companies were firmly thrust into a remote working trajectory, a watershed year for digital transformation within the workplace. For the past year, the high-speed mass adoption of flexible working required employers to redefine and re-examine the workplace. The conversation amongst most enterprise businesses is now perpetuated by the hybrid framework, but is this business model feasible across different industries?

Our latest Career Insight, ‘Performance over Presence’ offers a review of the hybrid-remote approach; a business model which intertwines remote work with working present in-office. If the evolving experience-based hybrid approach is to be established, institutions may be likely to explore the potential benefits and caveats to this structure. 

With this new-found employee sentiment, does the hybrid-remote model support workers and simultaneously avoid an eroding of company culture? How can leaders manage performance with geographically dispersed teams? Can hybrid working arrangements prevent a cacophony between employers and employees? 

At Phaidon International, these are the questions that have defined our post-pandemic conversations. Perhaps, the hybrid-style approach allows employees to be part of an integrated strategy and offers a window into a more purpose-driven and brighter future for the workplace.

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