Outsourcing Recruitment
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Benefits of outsourcing recruitment

For your team to thrive, you need to ensure you have the most effective personnel that are the best fit for your organizational goals and company culture. However, finding the right people to fill your vacancies is often easier said than done.

One of the most popular ways companies are cutting down on time and resources spent on recruitment and transforming their hiring processes is by outsourcing their recruitment.

What is recruitment outsourcing?

An outsourced recruiter acts as an extension of your organization, learning about your unique company specifications and acting on your behalf to seek out the best and brightest candidates, streamlining recruitment processes, increasing your productivity, and often saving you time and money.  

Benefits of outsourcing recruitment

It makes the hiring process faster and more efficient 

The global pandemic has affected many aspects of every business, and recruitment is certainly one of them. The business terrain is changing rapidly, and outsourcing recruitment specialists to navigate the hiring landscape on your behalf allows them to use their expertise to streamline the hiring process, from writing job descriptions to screening and interviewing – meaning you can focus on more important parts of your business.

A broader and more effective applicant search

Outsourced recruitment professionals have access to a large pool of potential candidates and an extended network of contacts across multiple industries and areas. They are able to utilize multiple platforms and databases to identify the best talent, specifically when it comes to more niche or specialty roles that may otherwise prove challenging to fill. 

Scalability and flexibility

Throughout the year, your organization's hiring needs may vary depending on your business growth or a shift in goals or objectives. Recruitment outsourcing allows a recruitment professional to identify your unique requirements and adapt them to suit your needs, whether that be for a one-off project or an on-demand basis.

Reduced cost

One of the most common motivations for recruitment outsourcing is due to its cost-effective nature. High turnover periods, head-hunters, job boards, shortlisting, and interviewing – all of these require substantial time and money. Outsourced recruitment specialists work to secure quality talent in the quickest turnaround period possible, bringing down your costs and wasted manpower.

Analytics and reporting

Often an overlooked element of recruitment outsourcing, recruitment specialists can collect data throughout the talent acquisition process.They then analyze key statistics to give you a broader look at your overall hiring processes which can help signpost your organization to improve recruitment efficiencies and methods going forward – helping you save time and money while improving the quality of hires. 

Lower employee turnover

A pain point for many organizations is that high staff turnover rates can be a sign of poor hiring policies.This can lead to unqualified or unmotivated candidates, ultimately costing you valuable time on training, only to be disappointed when the candidate doesn’t turn out to be the right person for the role. Outsourcing your recruitment allows the recruiter the freedom to do what they do best – look deeper into a candidate’s professional profile and measure their suitability for a role, resulting in a lower overall employee turnover. 

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