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Strategies to Recruit and Retain Military Service Members

"The annual unemployment rate in 2020 increased to 6.5% for all veterans," according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As hiring continues to boom in 2021 across most industries, how can companies make sure veterans are in the mix when hiring top talent?

National Hire a Veteran Day takes place on July 25th in the U.S. each year and was founded to help bring awareness to the importance of employment for veterans. Phaidon International is a proud partner of the organization, The Value of a Veteran, whose mission is to help organizations build or improve veteran recruiting and retention programs.

​Our guide, produced in partnership with Lisa Rosser, CEO and Founder of The Value of a Veteran, is designed for employers who want to improve their veteran recruitment efforts. The strategies outlined in this guide can help jump-starting a new veteran recruiting and retention program or improving an existing one. It will cover 76 ideas for regarding, recruiting, and retaining military service members.

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