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Tips on how to start a career in talent search

​A career in recruitment can be incredibly rewarding, varied, and exciting. Not only do you have a unique opportunity to help professionals find their dream job, but you can also support businesses in their mission to build a skilled and productive workforce.

Whether you’ve just finished an undergraduate degree and you want to make a move into recruitment, or you’re looking to switch up your current career trajectory, a job in recruitment is extremely appealing. But what are the ways to kickstart a recruitment career and is it possible to be a recruiter with no prior experience?

Read on to discover our top tips for landing a recruitment job and whether you’re a perfect fit for this environment.

How to get a job in recruitment

Explore different facets of recruitment

Recruitment is a diverse industry. You can work in-house by hiring primarily for one organization, or you can work as a recruitment consultant for an agency, supporting a huge variety of businesses and candidates.

In addition, you have the option to become a general recruiter, working with businesses across all sectors, or to focus on a particular specialism, recruiting solely in a niche such as engineering, technology, financial services, or regulatory and legal. It’s important to learn as much as possible about the different areas of recruitment and apply this to what best fits your interests and experience.

Get a degree

A degree is by no means essential, but it is certainly a valuable route to take as this could be your edge to stand out in a highly competitive industry. Many recruiters have a degree in an area such as business, HR, marketing, or PR. If you’re currently studying and looking to start a career in recruitment upon graduation, it’s important to take up modules that will be relevant as this can help you stand out to recruitment firms.

Identify your transferable skills

Just because you don’t have any previous experience in recruitment doesn’t mean you don’t have the skills needed to succeed in the industry. The chances are, you’ll have transferrable skills that are easily applicable and relevant to recruitment. Consider prior roles and experience and identify any skills that you’ve developed such as sales, communication, negotiation, and teamwork, that can be transferred over to the recruitment sector.

Secure relevant experience

Perhaps you have finished your education or you’re studying at university with the ultimate goal to work in recruitment, whatever stage you are at, it’s important to gain exposure to some of the key skills needed in the industry. Experience working in sales, administration, research, and marketing will certainly help you gain valuable skills that are essential components to becoming a successful recruiter.


Networking is imperative if you’re looking to kickstart a career in recruitment. We’d advise to approach professionals within the industry, explain that you’re interested in recruitment, and ask them to give you insights into how they found their way into the industry.

Networking in this way will not only give you access to a wealth of knowledge and experience, but it might allow you to make valuable connections with professionals that can help you take your first steps into the industry.

Considering a career in recruitment? Discover the latest positions at Phaidon International or submit your CV here. If you have any questions, please get in touch.