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What makes a good & successful recruiter?

​A quick search on LinkedIn will tell you there’s no shortage of recruiters out there. But recruiters are not a ‘one-size-fits-all’ solution, with many specializing in specific niches or verticals. The right recruiters are equipped with specialist skillsets and the highest level of technical fluency for the markets they serve, in order to deliver the best possible results for their clients and candidates alike.

 In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the skills and desirable competencies needed to be a successful recruiter and thrive in this fast-moving industry.

What makes a good & successful recruiter?

Excellent communication

Communication is non-negotiable for recruiters. In a people-first industry, recruiters must be able to establish the needs and expectations of both clients and candidates, as well as coherently communicate the details and benefits of a prospective role. Whether that is communicating via email, over the phone, or through executive search apps such as LinkedIn or Indeed, strong communication at every stage of the recruitment cycle is imperative to build relationships and achieve success.

Time management

Time management is the backbone of what makes a successful recruitment consultant. The majority of roles will be time constrained – either someone will be leaving the organization and their position needs to be rapidly filled within their notice period, or the client requires a new role to be created in order to meet the demands of the business. Either way, recruiters will be tasked with identifying a candidate that ticks all the boxes, and quickly. Also, recruitment consultants typically have to juggle multiple roles at a time, so optimizing time efficiently and running a tight ship on your organizational skills is crucial.


The recruitment space is incredibly versatile and ever-evolving because of its people-centric model. The best recruiters are resourceful, flexible, and able to adapt to the many different facets of the role. At once, recruiters are salespeople and simultaneously marketers. They need to provide support, knowledge, and guidance to clients and candidates, whilst also selling an upcoming role, the prospective company, as well as their own recruitment services to get repeat business.


Successful recruiters understand the importance of empathy. At the intersection of candidates and clients exists recruiters, and they must be able to relate to their clients and understand what they’re looking for in a new hire. But equally, recruiters need to be a point of contact for candidates, understanding their perspectives and what’s important to them. More often than not, recruiters might need to inform candidates that they haven’t been successful, so they’ll need to show empathy and tact when delivering bad news.


Recruitment can often be a demanding and challenging industry; a rollercoaster ride with a mix of highs and unexpected lows when things don’t go the way you anticipated. To be successful, recruitment consultants need to really care about what they do and have the unrivalled drive and passion to meet the needs of their clients and candidates. While you have to be resilient and persevere, real motivation and passion for enabling exceptional careers is key.

Continuous improvement

The best recruiters lead the charge in what they do, but they understand that there’s always room for improvement; learning lessons and looking for new ways to grow professionally. Recruitment consultants understand that to stay ahead of the competition, they need to be knowledgeable of the latest HR and recruitment trends, as well as the emerging market factors impacting their micro-specialism.


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