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How can you make yourself more approachable to headhunters?

Hunting for a new career can be a time-consuming and stressful process. In today’s job market, competition is fierce, and standing out from the crowd is no easy feat.

However, there are people out there whose entire workday focuses around putting the right candidates in the right roles. Head-hunters & Talent-hunters are financially incentivized by organizations to seek out ideal candidates for their vacancies – so how do you make sure you’re being seen by the right people?

Here are some tips on how to make yourself more approachable to head-hunters, heightening your chances of being noticed and solicited for your dream role.


Update your resume and clean up your online activity

Before you begin actively looking to attract a head-hunter, it’s vital that all your public information is up to scratch. Make sure your resume includes all your most recent accomplishments, including any side projects or voluntary work, as well as showcasing your skills and qualifications. Head-hunters & Talent-hunters will often check your social media, so ensure you keep your digital presence uncontroversial and safe for work.


Build a strong presence on LinkedIn

If you haven’t already set up a profile on LinkedIn, it’s one of the first things you should consider doing to attract head-hunters. A lot of talent-hunters and head-hunters will begin their searches on the social media platform, so using your profile to build a personal brand is key.

Keep your profile updated regularly by showcasing your industry knowledge, connect with like-minded professionals in your industry and make sure to follow and interact with any companies on your career wish list.


Don’t be afraid to reach out – but be respectful when you do

Head-hunters and Talent-hunters are always keen to hear from potential candidates, and sometimes that means you don’t necessarily have to wait around for them to contact you. If you come across someone actively recruiting for a role you have your eye on, don’t be afraid to reach out and introduce yourself. Show genuine enthusiasm for the role and the industry but be cautious not to come across as pushy. Building an honest rapport with head-hunters ensures you’re the first person they think of when a new role lands on their desk.


Treat meeting a head-hunter like an interview

When meeting the head-hunter for the first time, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss how you’d like your professional relationship to develop. For the head-hunter, this also includes evaluating you as a potential employee.

Make sure to be on time for your meeting and prepare some questions ahead of time such as finding out the type of skills they’re expecting from candidates. You should also prepare to answer questions about your own work experiences. Be open, honest, and relaxed, and let the conversation flow naturally.

 Whether you’re just starting out on your pursuit of a new career or are unsure about your next steps in securing the right role, get in touch today.