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What does a talent acquisition partner do?

Talent acquisition is the process recruiters and employers use when finding, interviewing, and hiring talented candidates.

A talent acquisition partner is usually part of the human resources department but what are their duties,what do they do and why is it important for businesses?

What is a talent acquisition partner?

Talent acquisition partners work within the human resources recruitment team at their organization to plan long-term recruitment strategies and provide focus on the company’s employee vision.

Whereas recruiters focus on filling vacancies, talent acquisition is a carefully curated strategy that seeks out specialists, leaders, and other talented candidates to fill positions that require a specific skill set.

By acquiring talent and curating talent acquisition strategies your organization can save time and stay ahead of competitors with a wide talent pool.

What does a talent acquisition partner do?

But what does a talent acquisition partner do? Just like recruitment, talent acquisition is a highly challenging yet very rewarding career.

However, talent acquisition partners do much more than fill a vacancy for an organization. They create hiring strategies, find talented candidates and focus on employer branding.

To learn more about talent acquisition partners and what they do, keep reading.

Create long-term on-brand planning

By focusing on the brand or organization's values and visions, talent acquisition partners can curate a long-term hiring strategy that reflects the employer's branding.

This strategy highlights how to find, attract, grow and retain top talent in the industry within the business. It usually includes a detailed and structured agenda that the human resource department must follow to acquire the best employees.

Talent acquisition strategies can be created by building an exceptional employee experience, offering development opportunities, and by refining the recruiting process.

Find appropriate candidates for niche positions

Talent acquisition partners focus on finding the right person for specific positions that are hard to fill.

Areas and industries with great skill shortages are those most in need of talent acquisition as the competition rises.

Positions that are tough to fill include those that require niche markets, technology skills, and highly specific experience.

Attract and recruit top talent

By building a strong company ethos and recruitment strategy, talent acquisition partners can attract top talent to the business and industry.

The relationship shared between the talent acquisition partner and candidate is also a contributing factor to creating a positive recruitment and candidate process.

It is also important to maintain relationships with candidates who prove not to be a good fit the first time around. Their skills may not be right for a current vacancy, but they could be the perfect applicant for a future role.

Having a wide diverse pool of identified talent is helpful and allows talent acquisition partners to stay ahead of competitors.


Talent acquisition partners identify events, conferences, and communities where the specialists and top talent in the industry gather.

By attending these events, talent aquation partners can build up a network of local talent and build relationships with potential candidates,

This creates a strong bond and advertises the requirement for talent in a particular field.

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