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What is the role of a talent acquisition manager?

Talent acquisition is the process of finding and hiring skilled workers, creating and implementing a recruitment strategy, and identifying talent pools.

Specialists in the talent acquisition industry are usually human resource professionals and can be found in the HR department of organizations.

But what is a talent acquisition manager and what is their role?

What is a talent acquisition manager?

Talent acquisition managers are responsible for ensuring an organization or company has the talent to succeed and that any potential hires meet the requirements and characteristics laid out by the organization.

However, talent acquisition managers do much more than fill vacancies within a business. They identify talented professionals to fill niche positions from exclusive talent pools and pipelines.

Organizations look for talent acquisition managers who are self-motivated and proactive, great recruitment role models, and on top of current industry trends and practices to keep things relevant.

A talent acquisition manager position may also require experience in managing, building, and evolving a high-quality and well-regarded recruiting team and the proven ability to build diverse talent pools.

What does a talent acquisition manager do?

Roles and responsibilities

A talent acquisition manager has many roles and responsibilities. A typical job description for a talent acquisition manager could detail responsibilities such as:

  • Determine current staffing needs and produce forecasts

  • Develop talent strategies and hiring plans

  • Lead employment branding initiatives

  • Perform and conduct recruitment and selection processes

  • Take steps to ensure a positive candidate experience

  • Assist in employee retention and development

  • Supervise recruiting personnel

  • Organize career fairs and assessment centers

  • Use metrics to create reports and identify areas of improvement

Just like a talent acquisition partner role, a talent acquisition manager is a highly challenging and demanding job title but has the potential to be a very rewarding career.


A talent acquisition manager is usually an experienced recruiter who is more than just a recruitment expert. The job responsibilities listed above require a strong understanding of talent acquisition from proven job experience.

The requirements and skills of a talent acquisition manager could include:

  • Experience in full-cycle recruiting, sourcing, and employment

  • Understanding of all section methods and techniques

  • Proficient in the use of social media and job boards

  • Willingness to understand the duties and competencies of various roles

  • Well-organized

  • A leader and strategic thinker

Successful talent acquisition managers can make up to $140,000 per annum in their role.

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