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5 Reasons To Launch Your Career In Chicago

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​If you’re deciding which city is going to be the best place for you to begin your career, Chicago should definitely be in the reckoning. 
The Windy City is extremely graduate friendly with reasonably priced accommodation, a great social scene, and an excellent jobs market. It’s also diverse, full of personality, and is renowned for its friendly inhabitants. 
Check out these 5 reasons to launch your career in Chicago.

Great Opportunities for Graduates

Chicago is regularly voted as one of the U.S.’s top cities for grads. The main reasons behind this prestigious reputation are the lower costs of living, relatively high wages, and plentiful opportunities.
Some of the biggest industries include banking, financial trading, and insurance, while the more traditional manufacturing industry is still a major player. 
It’s this mixture of great options when it comes to work and affordable prices for everything from housing to groceries that make it so attractive. For new graduates it’s undoubtedly a fantastic place to start your career.

Beachlife and The Great Outdoors

You may be wondering how Chicago can claim to have awesome beachlife when it’s almost 1,000 miles from the coast. And it’s all thanks to its location at the banks of the mighty Lake Michigan. 
While there’s no ocean, there are 26 stunning golden beaches. Resident Chicagoans love nothing more than kicking back on a stretch of sand when the sun’s out.
Chicago also has an abundance of picturesque public parks covering an area of more than 8,000 acres. From great green spaces to sculpture filled gardens, there’s a park for everyone here.

That Skyline

Chicago’s skyscraper filled skyline has been a famous feature of the city for over three decades. Not only that, but it’s also constantly evolving with dozens of giant structures both under construction and in the works. 
Because of this, for fans of architecture, Chicago is an absolute dream. But not only do these impressive buildings create a wonderful cityscape, many of them provide mind-blowing views.
For thrill seekers there’s The Ledge at Skydeck Chicago, a knee knocking glass balcony 1,353 feet above the ground. Alternatively, TILT! at 360 Chicago leans an entire portion of the building over the city at an alarming angle.

Buzzing Music Scene

Chicago has a long and rich musical tradition stretching back almost a century. The city has played a hand in the creation of everything from rock and roll to EDM, and its music scene is still thriving to this day. 
The list of commercially successful acts that hail from the city is virtually endless. And thanks to this hotbed of local talent, it’s a great place to catch some live music.
There are a large amount of venues hosting regular performances with everything from local bands to international superstars on offer. There are also plenty of music festivals held here, particularly over the summer months, featuring everything from House to Jazz. 

Food Glorious Food

Food is big news in Chicago, with many iconic dishes originating from here. Decadent deep dish pizzas, loaded Chicago style hotdogs, and succulent Italian style beef are just a few delicacies not to miss.
The restaurant scene is well celebrated here. It’s diverse, widespread, and you can enjoy everything from home cooked local style dishes to top quality Michelin star foods. But it’s not just the food that will have you drooling, Chicago is also renowned as one of the best drinking cities in the U.S. 
There’s a massive craft beer scene with over 60 brilliant breweries in operation. There’s also a huge number of bars from award winning cocktail establishments to late night watering holes churning out cut priced beers. You can’t fail to love the social life in Chicago.


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