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  • How to Ace a Virtual Interview

    over 1 year ago by Liv McNeilis

    ​As the coronavirus epidemic continues, more of us will be working from home. During this time, it is more likely that a candidate will be asked to interview via video conference call.In fact, Aaron Gonsalves, UK Talent Acquisition Manager at Phaidon International, recommends that candidates make it known they are prepared to interview virtually, “Get one step ahead and letc...

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  • Managing Millennials and the Future of Leadership

    almost 3 years ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​It is evident that when it comes to work, millennials are very different than the generations that came before them. In order to support and manage this type of talent, it is essential to address the generational differences, to better understand their priorities and behavior in the workplace.Millennials all have one thing in common: they want to make a difference. Research...

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  • 5 Top Tips to Nail Your Interview

    almost 3 years ago by Liv McNeilis

    ​Are you reading this in a reception while waiting to interview? If so, I’m afraid you’re too late.The key to interview success hinges on one thing: preparation. You cannot wing an interview – fail to prepare, prepare to fail. You may have that friend that turned up 10 minutes late, rocking a hangover and a creased shirt, who managed to charm their way into the job but don’t...

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  • Generation Z Graduate Opportunities At Phaidon International

    about 3 years ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​Are You Generation Z?The generation following Millennials, Generation Z, is also known as  Gen Tech, Gen Wii, Net Gen, Digital Natives, and Plurals. The demographic is defined as those born from the mid-90s to the early 2000s. They’re born digital, have higher expectations than Millennials, and are more entrepreneurial. Just when many businesses thought they were starting t...

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  • 5 Things Recruiters Wish They Had Known Before Starting Their Careers

    about 3 years ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​Starting a career in recruitment is often a nerve-wracking experience. Before you begin you’ll inevitably have plenty of questions. And not knowing what’s coming is usually the hardest part.Part of the reason for this is that as an industry, recruitment is widely misunderstood. For those curious about what to expect, we asked a selection of Phaidon International recruiters ...

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  • 6 Lessons You'll Learn in Your First 6 Months as a Recruiter

    about 3 years ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​Your first few months as a recruiter are going to be tough. There’s lots to take in, from mastering IT systems to getting to grips with how recruitment processes actually work. And you’ll almost certainly feel out of your depth at some points.Don’t worry, this is normal. It’s a steep learning curve, but one that will stand you in great stead for the rest of your recruitment...

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  • The Role of a Recruiter

    over 3 years ago by Lara Edgcombe

    People often make the mistake of thinking that the role of a recruiter is to just help people find jobs. Believe it or not, that’s not really the truth at all. Sure, ultimately you’re trying to place great candidates into their dream careers. But your responsibility is first and foremost with the client. You’re there to help them find the right people to fill their positions...

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  • How to Dress for Your Graduate Job Interview

    over 3 years ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a first impression. And the way you’re dressed for an interview speaks volumes about you before you’ve even had the opportunity to open your mouth.You might have spent days preparing killer answers to potential questions and polishing up on your S.T.A.R technique. But if you look as though you’ve been dragged through...

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  • 7 Alternative Ways to Prepare for a Job Interview

    almost 4 years ago by Lara Edgcombe

    ​We’re not the first company to write about how to prepare for a job interview - and we certainly won’t be the last. Anyone who has read such an article will know that the usual advice offered is generally pretty standard – research the company, know your resume, prepare some questions to ask etc… However, when attending a job interview, the last thing you want to be is run-...

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  • How to Present your Professional Profile

    almost 5 years ago by Lara Edgcombe

    Most applicants view the concept of updating a resume with dread. There is so much conflicting information about best practice that there is often a large degree of uncertainty as to how best to present your professional profile.A resume is traditionally more concise but it should be adapted to ensure candidates stand out in what is an ever-evolving and highly competitive hi...

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