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5 Reasons to Launch Your Career in New York

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​Everyone knows about the stunning skyline. We’re all aware of the bright lights of Broadway and Times Square. And we instantly recognize the endless famous landmarks, from the Empire State Building to the Freedom Tower.

It’s also exciting, inspiring, fast paced, and buzzing with an energy that’s completely unique. New York is a city that needs little introduction.

Ambitious graduates have been flocking here for decades to start their careers. Here’s why you should join them.

It’s a Global Hub For… Everything

New York isn’t even the capital of the United States and yet it’s nicknamed “The Unofficial Capital of the World”. Why? It’s the global epicenter of numerous industries and in many ways the most economically significant city on earth.

Financial services? Check. Media? Check. The arts? Check, check, check! The economy in New York is thriving on multiple fronts and that’s great news for a recruiter. Sure it’s a tough environment, but the career prospects are soaring and there’s plenty of opportunity.

Cultural Diversity

New York is one of the most multicultural cities on the planet. It boasts residents from every corner of the globe, and there are an astonishing 800-plus languages spoken in the Big Apple. This diversity is undoubtedly one of its biggest assets.

The make up of this city means that it’s somewhere no one feels out of place. It welcomes people from all backgrounds and walks of life and you’ll get to explore different cultures and ways of life without straying far beyond your own doorstep.

Amazing Nightlife

New York’s nickname as “The City That Never Sleeps” sums up the nightlife here. Forget bedtimes, they don’t exist in this city, and if you want to go out you’re not limited to weekends. School nights are fair game and nearly as popular as Fridays and Saturdays.

However, it’s not all about after work Happy Hours or partying until sunrise. Not only is the nightlife here never ending, it’s also varied and wide ranging. From Karaoke spots in Koreatown to rooftop bars overlooking that famous Manhattan skyline, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

Food, Food, Food

New York’s restaurant scene is well renowned as being one of the very best in the world. It’s the birthplace of countless global food trends and every chef who’s anyone aspires to have a presence here.

You’ll also find very conceivable type of cuisine on offer somewhere in the city. So whether you’re a street food aficionado or a Michelin Star seeker, you can dine out in style every night. This owes a lot to the fact that there is so much ethnic diversity. But above all, New Yorkers just love to eat out.

Endless Entertainment

There is always something going on in New York, no matter what day it is, or even what time of day it is. If you’re in the mood to have fun, you always have an option. And regardless of what your hobbies and interests are, there will be someone else here who shares them.

Art galleries, museums, parks, theatres, clubs, live music, festivals, sightseeing, the list is endless. It’s impossible to get bored in New York and every day is a new opportunity to do something exciting.


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