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The Work-Life Rebalance

Posted: October 2020

​We are at a crossroads. The health and wellbeing of the workforce has never been more closely intertwined with the state of the economy.

The public health crisis caused by Covid-19 has forced operational change and reflection on the way that people organize and work. Global lockdowns have meant that many companies have shifted to remote working – where they are able to – resulting in the largest working-from home experiment of our time. With the limelight thrust firmly on employee wellbeing, employers have a unique opportunity to create lasting positive changes that promote work-life balance. These visionaries and market leaders will have the best chance to attract, retain and motivate talent in challenging and changeable circumstances.

How will our choices today affect the future of work? Which path should be taken to ensure work-life balance?

At Phaidon International, these are the questions that have defined our daily conversations with clients, candidates, and our global workforce. Our new report, "The Work-Life Rebalance", offers business leaders another perspective before setting the cornerstone.

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