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Earth Day: Offsetting our carbon footprint

At Phaidon International, we are committed to addressing climate change and understanding our impact on the planet. This is why we have partnered with Carbon footprint limited org to ensure that we do our part to save the planet.

Carbon footprint limited is a global organisation that helps successful companies realise that action on climate is critical to their success. This provides invaluable information for Phaidon International to track our emissions and target specific sources to reduce our emissions year on year. From the assessment the business has committing to offsetting their FY21 emissions (494 tonnes) and will continue this yearly through our projects.

For each tCO2 being offset, one native tree is planted in the Great Rift Valley, Kenya and one tree is planted in the UK and an additional tCO2 is offset through the Brazilian Amazon Verified Carbon Standard (VCS) Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation (REDD) project to guarantee the emission reductions. The China Hebei Haixing Verified Carbon Standard (VCS414) 49.5MW Wind Farm project plans to generate electricity using wind power as a resource, and we are also delighted to support this wind farm in reducing fossil fuel usage.

For more information on these amazing projects please read our press release.

With companies increasingly becoming aware of the rise of environmental consciousness with their employees, we also feel that as specialists in Financial Services, Supply Chain & Logistics, Life Sciences, Transportation & Engineering, Technology and Regulatory & Legal; we have a unique advantage on the market and feel it is our duty to educate all industries on their approach to sustainability and what more can be done.

Download our DSJ Global Sustainability reports for more insights into this cause.

DSJ Global Sustainability report